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  • Oct 14
  • Ground Transportation - Trains, Buses
  • Lost Suitcase
  • 10

My suitcase containing some expensive clothes, shoes and cosmetics never showed up after being loaded in Calgary, to be dropped off in Edmonton Southside. When the suitcase wasn't At the S.S. Edmonton terminal, I rushed to the downtown branch hoping it was unloaded there. It was Thanksgiving Weekend and there were only two Public Service assistants who were distracted and uninterested. Then it... Read more

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  • Oct 12
  • Ground Transportation - Trains, Buses
  • Poor Bus Service
  • 21

This is by far the worst experience I had riding a bus, and I've had nothing but homeless people, and crackheads on the bus with me before. Moreover, I had to attend my best friends wedding, due to this bus I dam near missed it. Thanks grey hound! Please do not ride this bus service, if you ever want to make it to someplace in time, have a enjoyable worry free ride, like sanitation, respect your... Read more

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Worst customer service..the employees are unpleasant and very very rude! No security at all..I would advice you all to not waste your precious money on this pathetic company! Never using greyhound Add comment


  • Oct 11
  • Ground Transportation - Trains, Buses
  • Miami, Florida
  • Bad Bus Ride
  • 12

Allowing the Bus Drivers to wear Dreadlocks, Indianapolis to St. Louis run, what happened to the Professionalism?, getting a lecture from Smartass Baggage handlers at every stop, I will never ever ride your Bus Line again, the only people on it are White Trash and Gangster wanna be's, Witnessed a large Drug Transaction take place among a certain few passengers on the Indy to St. Louis run too,... Read more

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  • Sep 29
  • Ground Transportation - Trains, Buses
  • Rude Customer Service
  • 34

First of all,customer service associates of Tyler Greyhound bus are usually very rude and don't like to listen to customers. They have the attitude that really disgust and this makes customers not to be happy with services offered.For example,forcing customers to buy tickets at the front desk.If you don't buy one from them and you come with online purchased ticket then you will always be the last... Read more

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  • Sep 23
  • Ground Transportation - Trains, Buses
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Grayhound Bus Service
  • 49

The Greyhound bus station in Dallas Texas does NOT know how to do their job! I waited in line for my bus @2:20am to board @ 3:00am to Richmond Virginia. No one called my bus boarding on the speaker or in person, the sign that is supposed to tell you where to board was broken. I had no idea of course. I was getting worried but thought it must be behind. When I heard someone say that they were... Read more

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  • Sep 21
  • Shipping
  • Sacramento, California
  • Lost Baggage
  • 29

I am a commercial driver and have had to use greyhound more times than I care to remember to get to trucks and terminals. If I lost 1 single piece of freight, I'd be fired and likely sued. Greyhound has lost several of my bags during my miserable travels on their out dated and faulty equipment. Again, I'm a commercial driver. If my truck was leaking air at the rates their buses do, I would be... Read more

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  • Sep 18
  • Ground Transportation - Trains, Buses
  • Late Bus
  • 34

My bus left 2hours late. The agents didn't have a clue as to what was going on. This was the Nashville terminal. I left on September 16, 2014. I made it to Atlanta Georgia, missed the connecting bus. I had to sit there until 6:30 am. That was September 17, 2014. I had to sit in Miami,Florida terminal until 12:30 pm.I finally made it to my destination on Thursday, September 18, 2014. I am... Read more

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  • Sep 14
  • Ground Transportation - Trains, Buses
  • Rude Drivers
  • 34

Trip was an Express from Chicago to Atlanta. First drive took all tickets and on gave re-boarding passes. When we switched drivers, he would not accept passes. They tried to charge for the continuation of the ride. This bus line should be called Ghetto Bus Lines. The place is run like a prison and remember the customer is always wrong. No one has responsibilty for anything and when you ask... Read more

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I purchased a on-line ticket to Los Angeles,Ca from Sacramento,Ca 9/13/14 .My bus was late (8:10 am) by 2 hrs. Very un professional.Then they want to charge $15 for your 2bag!!*** really...This is my last time..period Add comment

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