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On august 18 ,2016i bought a ticket for my son from moegantown to boston copley station,wish the bus did not get on time at 5:15ans pick up my son ,at 7:20 pm when my son got to baltimore town ,the bus driver first of all didnt help my son takw out the ticket whenva employee told me the bus driver can help my son ,because my son dont speak english,so my son couldnr take out his ticket from the machine ,my son calls me i live in p.r desperate ,i... Read more

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Bus driver 6575 today is aug. 25, 2016 we are on this bus coming from arizona to cali and he is falling asleep. Throwing things and yelling at us.. 6575

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I will never use greyhound again. I bought my son a ticket from salinas ca back to joplin mo for today. When he got to the salinas bus station it was closed so he couldnt print out his ticket. He has his id and confirmation number so the driver in salinas told him he could print it out at the next stop. I was told the same thing by the bus station here in joplin and also by the greyhound customer service line that i talked to. My son is now... Read more

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The Worst Experience ever Riding with Greyhoind.The Stations are Dirty and the Employees have attitudes as it seems they are over worked . The bus schdules are all fouled up express isnt express and 1 transfer becomes 3or more. If your planning to travel Greyhound Dont do it!!!!! I say catch the Train,Plane or any other mode of transportation other than Greyhoind the absolute worst. They need to be shut down!!!!! Read more

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I have it on good authority that the manger at the Tampa greyhound is racist. I know a former employee and he was telling me about how he would only help women and whites and Spanish customers. If I am lying see how many agents are trying to find another job or are leaving now. If you have to go there and if he gives you a hard time ask for the district manager he hates her but is scared shittless of her. I missed my bus and was told that I had... Read more

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On thursday, august 11, 2016, everything was alright until kalmanzoo from detroit ride after the switched to a new bus driver to chicago to memphis, tennessee. He was a puggy brown skined african american male between 30' and early 40's. He had the most unprofessional, unpleasany, nasty, rude,.mean attitude of any bus driver i have encountered with grehound. He acted like he didnt want to be therer. He had such an uncaring,dry, dull voice and... Read more

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Friend of mine from atlanta to pittsburgh was bumped off their bus from columbus to pittsburgh to another bus two hours later. The tickets were purchased three weeks in advance, she shouldnt have been bumped. When i asked the customer service person here in pittsburgh what gate they were coming in he was blunt and rude. He seemed upset because i didnt use his terminology. When he detected that i wasnt familiar and confused he shouldve been more... Read more

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I got on the bus in tulsa oklahoma bound for los angeles and on into the central coast. The bus was so over crowded I had a fat guy overflowing his seat into mine and sweating all over, gross. Then the nasty rude black driver told everyone to sit down and shut or he would drop people off in the middle of no where. They should never let the buses get that crowded why didnt they send out a second bus. The wifi on greyhound never works. Yet they... Read more

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My one and only experience with Greyhound company was horrific! I was traveling from Aspen to Denver on the day of some road closures in the area that were planned months ahead of time. I booked my ticket to go from Aspen to Denver 2 days before my trip (and their web-site showed this trip as scheduled, not canceled, accepted my payment and issued my ticket). So i show up at the Greyhound bus station (which is miserably located at 7/11, mind... Read more

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I was on a Greyhound bus an route from Chicago to Detroit schedule#GLI5508 on Aug 4th. Driver was unbelievably rude. Starting from Chicago he kicked one lady off the bus because she boarded the last minute just as he was going to *** and she could not pull ticket fast enough out of her purse. He yelled at her like an maniac to get off the bus. He physically charged towards her and almost pushed her off and the whole ordeal took a few minutes... Read more

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