Why can't you offer any help with a real person? Instead u have that virtual *** and on top of that that last time I rode Greyhound they lost My luggage and the driver was a *** I got my luggage 5 days later.
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If you received your luggage 5 days later it was missed handled,not stolen.


Maybe you would have better luck talking to Elvis Presley. Look up and see if there are any psychics/fortune tellers in your area. Ask them to arrange a conservation with Elvi...

I tried to purchase a round-trip ticket on Greyhound's "updated" all of the way to the last step & a 1-800 came up, stating I would have to do this over the phone. I did; and, the Customer Service representative (overseas) was very polite...but, we did...
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I liked
  • Getting my discount codes to apply when it worked
I didn't like
  • Miscued directions and notices that were promised in the mail
  • But never arrived
Hello this complaint is about poor service at the forsyth location downtown Atlanta the workers are over worked management sucks its not a safe environment, people have been shot at, the homeless has taken over this place, you have one worker cooking food, running the...
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The local news station and bus depot manger can not be much help,Only upper manadgment in Dallas,TX. can do anything.


Ah, Yes. I have been through the Atlanta Greyhound bus station many, many times. I remember their gift shop where they have a model of a Greyhound Bus for sale, and I thought ...


Greyhound - *** UP

They had no info concerning my luggage

Greyhound - Arrangement for a responsible 16 year old minor

Hung up on me accident

Greyhound - Eyhound bus broke down. Stranded

Greyhound bus broke down. Stranded over 2 hours! No one is telling us anything! This is my 1st Greyhound bus ride and I'm extremely disappointed! I was already apprehensive about riding the bus from Detroit MI to Atlanta Ga ! Please have someone contact me to discuss compensation fpr this horrible experience!
Additional Fees
Billing Practices
Customer service
Discounts and Special Offers
Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy
Level of Comfort
Number of Destinations
Price Affordability
Product or Service Quality
Quality of Food
Value for money
Greyhound bus 1:00p on Sunday July 8, 2018 from Ithaca, NY to NYC: starting with two obnoxious and unhelpful counter women at the Ithaca bus station. Then the bus: shabby, unclean, elect outlets did not work, a/c was harsh, two metal rings at the bottom of my seat...
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You talk about Greyhound being "Slow and Shabby" like it is something unusual, out of the ordinary. What you describe is typical of all Greyhound Buses.

I didn't like
  • Shabby bus and the worst customer service
THE STAFF AT GREYHOUND IS RUDE, DIFFICULT, and UNPROFESSIONAL AND ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO REACH. Larry at the Houston Terminal hung up on me and refused to give me his manager's information. I wanted to place a complaint because my mom took a bus from San Antonio to...
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Greyhound tickets cost ten times what they should cost. Highway Robbery!

My purse fell out in the overhead compartment on the bus
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my mama said that back in the 1950's when she would ride the bus that she used to climb up into the overhead bins and sleep up there. she said that she went inside the termina...


Greyhound - The worst bus schedule in the world an information giving by

5hiurs for a bus , I started at 545 an didn’t get a bus until noon because they had us running back an fourth, I could have taking the 915 had the girl not told us to go to Cesar for the 940 which never show up , just horrible I rather take bolt to Philadelphia an catch the train , plus there is always fighting an fussing in the line, just horrible all the way around