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Greyhound bus left my three children at the custom in canada more than 3-hours

My name is Adama Bah living a 2000 Davidson Avenue Apt 3B Bronx, NY 10453.On friday August,5 i both three ticket for my children from NEW-YORK, to Canada but the bus Driver left my children at the custom office in canada for three to Four hours. My children was traumatize by his act.They was crying, scare. It was 7 years boys, 15, and 14. How he can forget 3 passenger it is no right, not acceptable. I am very pissed.I Willie need an explanation, why the driver left my kids. i was call by custom.
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I'm amazed by the first two commenters, well ignorant stuff there. That is indeed a scary thought.

I would never want my child to travel alone though. My wife's on a greyhound right now. She has a fear of flying. The tickets were *** near $800 for her and my daughter.

I could have booked a flight in advance cheaper. She's going from Canada to Texas and now there has been a delay, she's been on the bus since the 22nd.

I don't much like greyhound either their service is horrible. Please though make sure your children travel with an adult always.


Please forgive the *** below.

This is a consumer site for support on services in which we

have paid. If I were you I would

have ask for reimbursement back on my check thru greyhound. That could of been tragic.

I am glad your kids are alright.

Greyhound will leave you if not at the location of dismissal. However taking into consideration these were children traveling it was the drivers obligation to do so.

Hopefully this will not haunt them for when it comes time to travel.



They probably was crying because they spent a trip on the bus, not because they are in a Customs office. Get over it, children cry, especially 15 yr olds who have bad parents like you.

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Greyhound in Reston, Virginia - Bought a bus ticket asked 3 times to make sure ticket was refundable,and told it was ,but it wasent

i bought a bust ticket to help a friend get from portland to grand junction,i told the ticket agent i wanted the ticket to be refundable just incase it wasent used,i asked 3 times before i paid for the ticket and was told it was refundable buy purchasure ,me,when friend did not use it i tryed to get a refund and they told me it was not refundable and there was nothing i can do,i am disabled,an i am pissed,greyhound treats there customers like gold till they get there money after that your nothing to them,the ticket # i purchased is 77747412 is there anyone who can help ,my email is thank you.
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You would think that a company that has been in buisness for so long would have a pretty good grip on how things work!! Not these guys,, toledo ohio jefferson st terminal [arron] ,,very rude, threatening, no co-operation,, not a clue on how there own system works,,...
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I moved cross country from Ca to Fl at the end of March. We checked out all our options for sending our stuff, and decided to use Greyhound, of course because it was cheapest.

What a nightmare!! We shipped 31 boxes, and received 29. It took about a week to receive the 29 boxes and they were pretty beat up. Most of the breakable items were broken...but I kept telling myself that it's only 'stuff'.

It is now July, we've contacted Greyhound, only to find out there isn't anyway to trace the 2 missing boxes. What the ****??? We've filed a claim, only to find out we have to send receipts for every item in the missing boxes. So, after doing everything they've directed, Greyhound is still dragging their feet.

I loathe Greyhound....I wish nothing but the very worst for their company and their employees. And while the *** are enjoying my belongings they stole, I hope they get run over by a fleet of Greyhound buses...jerks :( :( :( :(

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Greyhound's customer service sucks

I bought an adult ticket from Greyhound when I couldn't find my student card. I eventually found the student card in my purse and the agent at the ticket booth told me when I found my student card that I could refund the adult ticket if I purchased a student ticket. This was a LIE. Greyhound is telling me that the ticket is non-refundable. What's worse is that to use the ticket I have to pay an additional $15 which is the same price as the student ticket. I'm never using Greyhound again, all you get on the phone with them is illiterate slow customer service reps.
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you got monkeys driving monkeys and all customer service agents are dot head dune coons that cant speak english. take a plane

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Greyhound Business Practices?

To whom it may concern, We purchased tickets from Greyhound Canada (Calgary) on June 27, 2010 for a return trip to Creston, B.C. which we intended to make on July 23, 2010 (as indicated on the tickets themselves). Because my wife Patty had to undergo emergency surgery on her left carotid artery (Peter Lougheed), we called Greyhound and inquired about a refund at that time but were informed that the tickets were good for one year from the date on the tickets. We therefore decided to hold off until this year before using the tickets. Patty had to unfortunately undergo surgery on her right carotid artery in June this year so we decided to await until this Saturday (july 23, 2011) prior to using these aforementioned tickets. When Patty called the local Greyhound offices yesterday, she was informed that the tickets were no longer valid as they had to be used within one year of the date of purchase (i.e., not within one year of the date on the tickets themselves, as we had been informed last year). As we cannot afford an additional $234.14 for replacement Greyhound tickets and, according to telephone conversations we had with the local Greyhound offices, it appears we cannot obtain refund of the initial purchase price (i.e., our initial outlay of $117.07/ticket), we should greatly appreciate your intervention in this case to obtain a just resolution to these claims. Thank you very much, beforehand, for your intervention in this request. Yours truly, Brian Bradley Phone: (403) 455 - 9353
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Greyhound in The Pas, Manitoba - Injured my wrists

on july 06/11 i was coming from winnipeg on the greyhound bus. Along the way the bus driver slammed on his brakes to a dead stop. i have soe wrist from that day and i am going to a fracture clinic on july 19. Tjhis will cause me a few problems because my job requies me to use my hands and i am right handed. It is very painful and i'm not sure if they will heal for at least 3 months. i make 2000.00 bi-weekly. In cas i have another problems i will let you know. ( 204)9472-3860 Kathleen Delia Erickson Box156 Cranberry Portage, Mb R0B0H0
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Greyhound - On july 09/11, i was coming frm wiinipeg to the pas, the bus broke to a dead stop to miss a horsr.

i was on the bus july 6/11 coming frm winnipeg to the pas. The bus driver suddenly bracked very hard and we all flying. I must have tried to brace myself and hurt both my wrists. one of wrists is possible fractured. I am going to a fracture clininc on the 19th in the pas, mb. I am afraid the driver did not stop to see if people were okay If i do have a fracture, I will be putting a claim in, because this my working hand i use for my job. I would like some information on how to proceed with this. Please contact me at( 204)472-3860 or There were other people on that bus.
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Shipped a large box 24 x 24 x 80 inches with

Greyhound package express, it contained

a 2008 Ford F350 truck bumper.

I have filed a claim several times.

I have called them many many times and

have never had them return my call.

I have sent faxes and emails on many

occasions with no reply from them.

This bumper was lost on February 23, 2013.

Today is May 17, 2013, says a lot about their

customer service, Have tried to call Kimberly Buckner

in the customer complaint department over

2 dozen times in the last few weeks with no response.

Her direct phone number is

214-594-3187 her email is

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Greyhound, are you kidding me?!

ive been waiting for my bike for over a month and a half now, and have been spam-calling greyhound all week to get no *** response whatsoever. heres the story: on may 11th, i traveled from charlotte, nc, to milwaukee, wi, and had a bike shipped with me. by the time i got to milwaukee 24 hours after getting on the bus in charlotte, my bike was nowhere to be found. turned out it was still a few states behind, according to the person i spoke to, so i gave him my then-cell number and he cheerfully told me id get a call when it arrived. 3 weeks later, on my new phone, i call them because i had yet to recieve a phone call. after a long, boring wait, i finally speak to a guy who tells me my bike is there and i can come get it whenever i want. i dont go there that day, because my fiancee had to work, nor do i go the next day, because of *** weather. two days after i call, he and i decide to go and pick it up, only to find that the day before, the crappy-weather day, it was shipped out to dallas, where they send all things that havent been claimed yet. problem is, theyre supposed to wait 3-4 weeks after the item arrives. in the case of my bike, they waited 2 weeks. after a week and a half of TRYING to understand what the *** is going on in dallas (their representatives hardly speak any *** english), i finally convince a hispanic gent to send my bike back to milwaukee. 2 weeks ago i filed a claim for it, and have been calling onver and over and *** over again since, left 3 messages, and have come under the suspicion that those bastards may have actually had the gall to BLOCK my phone number, considering every time ive called today, i always get a *** busy signal, but when i called on my fiancees phone, there was no busy signal. at that, greyhound, you may go *** yourselves. i can assure you i will never be using the greyhound again and insist to anyone who plans to travel out of state, if its an option, try driving instead. i see no reason why greyhound should profit from such *** customer service, and i assure you they will hear from me over and over and over and over and over again until i get my godd*mn bike.
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My husband and I were travelling via Greyhound yesterday (Fri June 26th) from New York to Toronto. At the Buffalo terminal, we were notified that 'some how' our luggage was lost/misplaced/stolen! That is understandable. What is retarded and absolutely unacceptable is...
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Similar situation happened with me. Of course it's your fault that the luggage was lost in the first place (arrording to them).

Rude bus drivers. Finally got my luggage back 3 weeks later.

Unfortunately Ghound is the only bus company left. I should have flown I guess.

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