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A riders guide.for greyhound (the reality of it)

1. Choose any other option. If you can avoid traveling with them believe me its worth missing out. You can expect delays from broken bus or no bus driver or worse. And a plethura of non stop confusion and backtalking.

2. If you have to take it. Buy online and choose the pickup tickets at terminal option. You want those physical tickets. And get them at a local greyhound statoon before the trip. Why? Cause print at home option is Not refundable and Not transferrable. Do not pick that option. You will regret that if anything..which will. Happen.

3. On departure day. Take the ticket to the ticket desk and get baggage tag for every bag or backpackers asap. They will take and loaf your bags and wont even look or offer you the stub unless you make sure you get it from them. Get used to doing it on your own cause that's how its all going to be from now on. If you don't get a bag sticker on your bag and they stash it. Then you wont be catching a connector bus or leaving the next station anytime soon. They usually have to get a supervisor out unless you have someone who doesn't care.. that happens too and then you might have your luggage taken. In fact avoid at all costs making them store your luggage.. if you can fit it on board with you..do it.

3. Now that you have your luggage tags. Either ask them there or go straight to the ticket info desk and get these pieces of info immediately. Get the gate number. Bus number. Driver name. Staff who's helping you name. And ask the process forboarding..especially if you have an express ti met because every staff shift. Bus. And station is different. You hold that staff member to all of that. Write it down it makes them doublecheck or at least try to care. If they ask you why you are writing all the info down. Tell them that's what you get paid to do. Or if you like just go the normal route and get all that info anyways withot adding the Cavoute

4. Be prepared to get yelled at and receive a lot of ridiculous new policies and mixed info or none at all. Examples : women and children first sometimes policy, I was told by a bus driver " front and center boy", we were told as a bus by driver: complain about me if you want because ill be here tommorrow and I don't care if you get where you are going or not. We left a stop after ten minutes when bus driver said : who wants to wait cause I don't..leaving a 81 year old women in Lafayette at a truck stop. I asked a bus driver what bus to take after we had engine trouble in baton rouge and he replied : this is 1435.. if your going on 1435 then this is your bus.. and I replied.. you took my ticket at origin al departure and so I don't know what bus I'm taking now. He replied again 1435 is this bus. So I said and is this my bus? And he replied: are you deaf or dumb: it's not my responsibility to read your ticket its yours. Yep. Completely true. So I got on the bus and asked a passenger and then that same bus driver came on and I started recording him from there on as he told the passengers that he had all the time in the world to wait and no time to listen to your complaints. He told me to get off the bus with my camera recording..after 15 min waiting he finally left. He kept saying things the whole trip until our destination. I just kept recording.

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Baggage Policy.

Monetary Loss: $120.

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Don't suffer their abuse.

Don't use them and report them to the BBB.

There's also a petition on Change.org.



Greyhound stranded me in Fort Stockton Texas at 1 a.m. because the Alpine bus left 15 minutes early without waiting for the bus I was on to meet.

They didn't care that the passengers needing to transfer to get to Alpine would be stranded just because the driver felt like leaving. If it weren't for a nice motel clerk across the street from the little store where the bus dumped me off at, who let me stay in a room while I waited for my son to drive all the way from Alpine to pick me up, I would have been sitting out in the street in the wee hours of the morning. Some of those Greyhound bus drivers are just inconsiderate and gross, how would they feel if it were their wife, mother or daughter sitting out there stranded in the dark ? Such slobs !

This was quite awhile ago, but I will never forget it. :(


bus drivers have connections to make, why make 20 people late making their connection because your late, I would have left you also.