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Driving North on the I-15 between Victorville and Barstow at aprox. 9:45.

Bus is behind us flashing lights and riding the bumper at 75 mph! We couldn't go any faster and couldn't change lanes (middle lane of three)because of traffic. Bus moves to the fast lane, passes us, goes back to the middle cutting us off and then slows down. When there is a break in traffic we move to the fast lane.

As we reach the back of the bus he also moves to the fast lane cutting us off again! Had to hit the brakes and swerve to the median to avoid a collision! WTF! To make this more unnerving is my 16 year old daughter was driving!

She was shaking, almost in tears asking if she had done something wrong...I told her these are the type of things you have to be prepared for. You cannot be complacent when there are a..holes like this on the road!

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Vehicle Driver.

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Something tells me there's more to you story than you're letting on.

If this driver was so crazy, why didn't you call the police on them rather than post an online complaint.

Were the lives that could have been lost as a result of a crazed mad bus driver not on your mind?

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