it was thursday january 2 2014 6am my daughter is taking the bus for the first time to see her boyfriend in conn.we get to the station enough time her bus leaves at 620.were in line to check in and the guy is taking tickets from other riders.my daughter goes over to ask if thats her bus he says yeah lets go get your bag my daughter is already nervous shes 19 i dont care if shes 9 or 40 shes going on a bus and the weather sucks.so shes like trying to hurry she says i guess im going so im going to hug her and the guy is like ok ok lets go.the bus wasnt going anywhere.then my daughter says where is my other ticket she had to change in albany hes like you didnt read the directions so know we have to copy it and hes tells the other guy hey so and so you need to copy this she didnt fo;;ow the instructions so copy it.and believe me it was not in a nice tone.my daughter was just looking at me like omg like happy freaking new year.i dont know if your going to be in customer service dont act like a ignorant *** to a young lady whether at work or out.would you like someone to treat your daughter like that.i really dont know how my husband held his tongue.i walked away saying i hope my daughter is ok.some people might read this and think it wasnt so bad oh well i want to be treated like i would treat them with respect

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Pennsauken Township, New Jersey, United States #782446

I was in New York City with my suitcase at Greyhound in early 1970.I had been to a lot of places in the world, and my suitcase had tags attached to it that I was proud of, commemorating my travels.

The luggage handling man cut all those tags off and left just the current Greyhound tag. I told him I had worked hard to collect those tags and I did not appreciate him cutting them off. He said he would not be able to know what tag was current with all those tags on. I felt then, and feel now, that Greyhound employees should read the fine print until they find their own particular tag, and not tamper with somebody else's property.

Just because my suitcase was in their custody does not mean they can modify it any way they want.I want my $25,000 collection of tags back.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #775907

I don't know who to tell to grow up? Mom or the daughter....seriously....she is 19.....cut the cord

Chantilly, Virginia, United States #767260

I hope your daughter has a thicker skin than mom or she will not be able to function in society.The world is full of people who are rude or have bad days.

Sometimes they may be a little gruff. This is a good opportunity to teach your daughter how to brush off that kind of behavior. Thy guy didn't say anything untoward - it was just his tone.

You all could have moved on and put this tragedy behind you.But no, you wasted no time announcing how upset you are over such a petty thing.

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