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I am on a Greyhound bus right now number 2510. Holy *** this bus smells so bad. The bathroom toilet is open and has to piece that covers that hole that everything goes down . I have asthma and am literally stuffing my head inside my Carry on bag because my lungs are closing up from the mixture smell of chemical urine and *** I can't believe this is not illegal.

I'm going to die throwing up if one person makes a slight heave sound it's going to be a throw up showdown.

My throat is closing up I am not the only person suffering the people sitting behind me and further back I can't imagine. They must be praying for death. Wtf

I'm so sick I think I'm going to end up in the hospital.

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Greyhound Pros: Before i got on.

Greyhound Cons: As soon as i got on.

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One time I was riding the Greyhound bus to Los Angeles and we were somewhere out in the desert in either Arizona or California and It was extremely cold on the bus and I was freezing, so I had my jacket pulled up over my face with just my eyes peeking out to try to stay warm. The lady sitting next to me said "Ok, I know that I stink, Ok?" and I didn't think that she stunk but I was just absolutely freezing and shivering.

I have been on many a Greyhound bus that had the same problem that you are experiencing. It makes it even worse when they circulate the air from the bathroom around the bus, and it you smell it and it gets on you from the vents underneath the windows. you know every time that somebody goes because you can smell it being circulated on to you. So no matter how clean you start out your trip with nice clean clothes on, you end up looking and smelling like a vagrant after a very short period of time.

I think that Greyhound could make alot of money if they installed pay showers in it's major stations, where it would be like a truck stop where you can pay like $10 for a shower and your own private toilet to use. Greyhound would make a bundle.


Insurance would be too high.