Fairfield, California

I will NEVER travel on Greyhound busses!!

Basically on the day before christmas eve greyhound agents in Bakersfield

Were selling tickets without even knowing if there was room on the busses!!

I tried to find out what was happening and the agents were very rude

And paid me no mind at all. On top of all that, there are no refunds!

This company needs serious help!!

Ruined my day and if you choose to travel greyhound,

They'll ruin yours too. Do yourself a favor and don't travel greyhound!

Its not worth your time,effort, or money! *** greyhound!

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Bus Service.

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To the guy who commented saying grow up, you're a *** retard and know about as much as the monkeys who run greyhound. Tickets are for a SPECIFIC SCHEDULE and if you don't use it for that SPECIFIC SCHEDULE you're basically screwed whether its your fault or not. So maybe before you tell anyone to grow up you figure out what the *** you're talking about.


Just get 21 day advanced its 50% off plus there no problem with over selling on a bus if you paid before mostly anybody right?


HORRIBLE customer service. These guys are absolutely terrible.

I usually don't complain about customer service reps but ***...

They're rude and they have no idea what they're talking about.

Never, ever, ever booking with them again.


It's been over a year they've been jerking me around for my refund.

They now claim they issued it to my cancelled card, which I vehemently stated to them was no longer in use the very first time I called them.

I figure that's their problem since I still don't have my money for their *** service I didn't use.


They are in bankruptcy, will be out of biz in a year.

Don't waste your money


They can oversell tickets because they are good anytime of the day, its not for a specific bus. It's first come first serve, so it's your fault. Grow up.