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My bus ticket was scheduled for departure on March 17th at 5:30am from Charlotte, NC. Since I live a distance from the bus station, I went there the day before at 4pm.

For $8 i was told that I could store my suitcase up to 24 hours, I paid the $8 and waited overnight until the morning when my bus was to depart. At 4am the next morning, I went to retrieve my bag from storage. I was told that my bag went to my destination, Norfolk, VA. I told the person that it wasn't suppose to even leave the station, just there for storage until I caught my bus.

This person took me in the back and asked me did I see my bag, I told then no. I also stated that I am very upset that you sent my bag out without my permission. This person, a woman said don't worry, your bag will be at Norfolk, VA when you get there. I asked her was she sure, she said yes, it will be there.

All along my suitcase WAS NOT SUPPOSE TO BE PUT ON ANY BUS IN THE FIRST PLACE. I get to Norfolk, VA at 4pm, a Friday. I go to customer service desk and ask for my bag. A nice older woman told me that my bag wasn't there and she called Charlotte, NC.

The person on the phone told her that my back was THERE, IN CHARLOTTE! After I was told that it was there and that it WILL be in Norfolk, was there in Charlotte, NC when I tried to get it back. The woman, a Manager there in Norfolk told the person on the phone that there was and is a 6:50pm bus leaving Charlotte, NC, arriving in Norfolk, VA at 6am on that bag on the bus.

Saturday morning I called the station, no bag on the bus. I called 3 more time, my bag not on the bus.

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Baggage Policy.

Reason of review: My Suitcase did NOT travel with me to my destination..

Monetary Loss: $8.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Greyhound Cons: Lack of customer service, Disgusting.

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I had a friend who sent hundreds of dollars worth of magazines in boxes in the luggage compartment of the Greyhound Bus. When they got to their destination the boxes weren't there and didn't arrive until several days later.

Upon picking up the boxes my friend discovered that over half of the magazines had been stolen and the boxes had been ripped open.

The Greyhound people said that they boxes were probably opened by the security people who thought that the boxes were very suspicious because they weighed so much, so they had to cut them open to investigate. And that's probably when they saw all of the magazines inside and looked through them, and decided to keep half of them for themselves.

Denver, Colorado, United States #1305016

Really? Im going to hate to say this but........DUUUUUHHHHH!!!

I dont know your age, but missing luggage has been a staple of travel since the inception of flight travel!!!!

You NEVER stow your luggage anyplace that YOU DONT 100% CONTROL!!!! A locker with a security key, a friend nearby. I understand your frustration but YOU should have just taken it with you. NOT stow it overnight.

Because mistakes CAN AND DO happen. Its not only a mark of how the business handles the situation but how YOU handle it. I would ASK NICELY for some form of compensation from their customer service line as YOU CAN PROVE that the luggage was missing by their own records. I would say maybe a free one way.

As a rule whenever I travel I keep my bag to a single carry on bag if im using some form of PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION. Since YOU are using Greyhound it can be assumed that YOU dont fly.

SO it should be kinda easy to slim your bag to just what you ACTUALLY need. This way YOU control your luggage.

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