Fort Worth, Texas
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My husband has been stuck at the bus station since 11oclock last night he paid for his ticket two days ago to catch the bus for 1245 last night and they pushed him back 3 times Shocked

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Bus Ticket Booking.

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The New York Port Authority, The Chicago Greyhound Bus Station and the Los Angeles Greyhound bus station may be scary and *** and be in cities much larger than Houston, but Houston, Texas, the 4th largest city in America wins the title of "Scariest and Creepiest Bus Station In America." Lots of suspicious looking people waiting to grab your bags or purse and 'Make A Run For The Border"


The Houston Greyhound Bus Depot would be a Great Scary Place to go for Halloween. Just make sure that you don't leave your trick of treat bags unattended. There are usually a bunch of shady looking and unsavory looking characters milling around the station, looking like they are not traveling anywhere, but are just waiting and watching for their opportunity to steal someone's unattended purse or luggage.


I remember how scary the Houston bus station is. But after going through it many times, I would just go through there with a Poker face and would always walk down the street, a block away to the McDonalds to get some reasonably priced food.

I have been throuh the Houston Greyhound Bus Station dozens of times and I don't let all of the scary looking weirdos milling around the station intimidate me, nor am a scared of all of the panhandlers and peddlers hanging out on the sidewalk in front of the station. I am always glad when the bus finally loads up and gets the hail out of there, because it is definitely one of my least favorite Greyhound Stations.