miles standish im from colorado springs colorado.I went from co. spgs.

Co. to Jacksonville No. Carolina to see my 5 grandchildren an my first daughter. I had not been on a Greyhound bus seance I got out of veitnam in 1973 ,now Ill never ride one again.I just retiered after working for 37 years in the glass feild.

I was polite an nice to people my hole life.

You on the other hand an your employees enjoy making people feel afraid,intimadated,scaired,steep out of line an bingo your walking. Just but people off,yell at people,one of your drivers called me a dog' Im 55 years old,in my6 life Ive nevere felt more uncofterable travleing.

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Greyhound sucks , they have rock bottom prices because they suck ! It is where evil dwells .Don't ride substandard transportation

Ghent, Kentucky, United States #214426

OK.....what do you expect for the rock bottom price you pay for a bus ticket. If you don't like the service at any company, send a letter to the president.

Be specific on details...ticket number and names of people to whom you spoke and what they said. You can also file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau; just be specific with the wording, don't curse and spell check your work Best of luck.

Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #209666

Greyhound is rabidly anti-ccw, and they are more restrictive than the airlines on what you can have both in carry on and checked baggage. I didn't know how restrictive, and after I found out asked for a refund.

They refused. The guy I talked to spoke terrible English, and was about as rude a service rep as I've ever encountered.

I suspect he isn't even in this country. I'd hitchhike with luggage before I'd take another Greyhound.


yeah greyhound has a problem with customer service, with people who have a brain and bathe , but hey look on the bright side if your crazy or insane drunk or on something they treat you very well they never make them walk oh did i mention thats usually the drivers.

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