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On Friday August 14th I was denied boarding a Greyhound bus in Holland, Michigan for a ticket I bought and was confirmed by the ticketing agent and the driver. The bus was my connection to the Chicago airport where I had a flight back home to Minneapolis. I was to work a shift starting at 9 pm that evening in Minneapolis. However, I was forced to remain in Michigan due to a rude, impatient driver and an incompetent and untrustworthy ticketing agent. I believe I am due $500 from Greyhound for your company’s mistakes. The story is as follows:

I had booked a ‘will call’ ticket on the greyhound website because ‘print at home’ was not an option on the computer. The confirmation email said I could have my ticket printed by an agent at my bus station. When I arrived at the station in Holland, Michigan the agent looked up my ticket and informed me that she was unable to print the ticket and did not know why. She thought this was odd, but would not be a problem. She told me everything would be alright because if the driver needed to see my ticket he could come in and look at the computer screen. When the driver arrived, he came inside with me and was shown my ticket on the computer screen. He then said this was not enough. “I need a ticket in my hand”, he said over and over.

I informed him that the ticketing lady told me this would be enough and that it is her obligation to provide him with a ticket as I was picking up mine via “will call”. The lady said, “I’m sorry, but you’ll have to buy a new ticket”. I said no to this request because both of them could see I had bought a ticket. I said that this was an issue between the two of them. The driver then said I have to buy a new ticket or I can’t get on the bus. When I objected to him he said he did not have time for this. He had a schedule to keep and walked out of the office. I ran in front of him pleading that he was obligated to take me on the bus as I am a paying customer and he is my ride to the airport. He said he did not care about that and that I should’ve bought a new ticket. He kept walking towards the bus and I said, “okay I will buy a new ticket.”

I ran inside and told the ticketing lady I was now going to buy a new ticket. As she initiated the request the bus started to roll away. I demanded the lady to phone the driver as I am buying a new ticket. She said she was unable to contact the driver. The bus left and she told me the only solution was to buy a taxi for the 4 hour ride to Chicago. I said that it was her responsibility to pay for this taxi as she insured me I would be allowed on the bus. I stayed the night in Michigan and missed my flight. The following day I fortunately found a ride back to Minneapolis with a couple I had vacationed with in Michigan.

I believe that the Greyhound bus driver and the ticketing agent should lose their jobs for the way I was treated. I was a paying customer and should never have been treated this way. In addition, I am due a refund for my bus ticket, my missed flight, my lost wages at work, the additional cost of being picked up from the bus station, and the cost of my transportation back to Minneapolis the next day. This is not even counting my free accommodation or the flight I would have had to buy for the next day if I wasn’t able to find a new ride back to Minneapolis.

Below are my itemized expenses due to missing my bus:

- bus ticket – due $28 refund

- missed flight - $110

- lost wages at work - $125

- additional transportation from driver - $50

- cost of transportation back home - $125

- my time resolving this matter = $75

I am owed approximately $500 and these employees should never be able to service customers again for this company.

Here is the information of my trip:

-------------Trip to CHICAGO, IL-------------

08/14/15 12:30PM IT-93 * Depart HOLLAND, MI

08/14/15 01:30PM IT-25 * Arrive BENTON HARBOR, MI

08/14/15 01:40PM IT-25 * Depart BENTON HARBOR, MI

08/14/15 02:30PM -0 * Arrive CHICAGO, IL

Confirmation # 63099891

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Bus Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: No service for purchased ticket, Customer service, Denied boarding.

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Same Ian happening to me except there was no bus to board due to a delay and they couldn’t stick me onto another bus to get me to Vegas sooner so I may catch my flight. I’m on the phone with them now and they can’t do squat about my flight.

I’m not asking them for my wages or anything else. I’ve been stuck in San Diego for days missing work in Sioux Falls, SD because they can’t pay me my *** back.


Did you receive your refund??

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