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After we boarded the bus from Orlando to Ocala Bus driver John Norris began to explain the rules of the bus lines. Fine, but his manner was so unprofessional I and my wife were shocked.

I felt like I was on a prison bus with a retired drill Sergent as a bus driver. He was a disgrace to the company and left me wondering if I would ever take your bus line again. This man he was so rude we were shocked. He wanted someone to challenge his authority.

I had to *** my tongue so as not to be detained. He demanded we follow the rules which he could of done in a professional manner. As a former Superintendent of Parks and Recreation I know people and disiplenary action must be taken, and I'm sure this is not the first time this has happened. I would like to know what action will be taken.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Augustine Lombardo. Travel date 4/25/2015 from Orlando, Fl to Ocala, Fl at 6:55pm

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Bus Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Greyhound Cons: Bus driver attitude to me.

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Warwickshire, England, United Kingdom #1322492

I fully sympathise with you. My 12 year old son and I experienced the unique customer lack of service skills of the said Mr Norris who actually left us behind at Fort Lauderdale bus station.

Unfortunately I became travel sick due to his driving and he drove off without us with my son running after the bush. We then had to take an $80 taxi from Fort Lauderdale to Miami where I caught up with him simply to retrieve my bag but he refused to even listen and told me my bag had been put on to another bus. Fortunately, as my bag had a Miami tag on it, it had been taken off the bus. It was such a terrible experience.

We are from England and I have never experienced this sort of attitude anywhere else in the world. However, the driver that we had from Miami to Orlando was nice.

to Cara Kennedy Coventry, Coventry, United Kingdom #1322493

Oh i feel so sorry for you

to Anonymous Coventry, Coventry, United Kingdom #1322498

Give $2 a mounth to help jonny norris

to Matt Coventry, Coventry, United Kingdom #1322500

Forza us army

to Cara Kennedy Coventry, Coventry, United Kingdom #1322495

I feel sorry for Norris


Great driver absolute quality

to Anonymous #1322489

Worst bus driver ever


Johnnie Norris,I'm surprised at you,85% of Greyhound Drivers are unfriendly and rude....

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