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I am an Asian-American college student who has been a loyal customer to Greyhound. I want to inform you of a rather disturbing incident that I experienced yesterday morning (4/24/17) at the Springfield, VA station.

I was waiting for my bus at the Springfield station, which was supposed to depart at 10:15 AM to Charlottesville, VA. Around 10:10 AM, a Greyhound bus arrived, and I got in line, thinking that it was the bus that I needed to board. While I was waiting for my turn to get on the bus, I tried to put my luggage in the storage space at the bottom of the bus, to save time. However, the bus driver called me out to tell me that he had just addressed that we weren’t supposed to put the bags in the storage space until after he checked our tickets.

I had no idea, since I did not hear him say that. And right after that, he looked directly at me with a demeaning look and said, “Do you speak English?” in a very pejorative manner, where other customers in line could hear. Although I was deeply disturbed by his comment, I just said “Yes,” and got back in line with my luggage because I did not want to make a scene. As it turns out, the bus was not going to Charlottesville.

It was actually the bus before mine, and the driver confirmed this after checking my ticket. So, I eventually did not end up on that bus with that driver. However, the driver’s comment and the derogatory attitude were extremely rude, and I am deeply concerned that what I experienced this morning was clearly racism. I could not help but assume that he wouldn’t have made such a comment had I been Caucasian or African-American, or looked “English-speaking”.

The driver just assumed that I did not have the ability to speak English because I look Asian, when I had simply missed what he said. And his comment was perceived as looking down on foreigners or people who cannot speak English. Also, he had to express his disrespect in front of many others, where I felt absolutely humiliated and insulted. Now as a former loyal customer, I am deeply troubled to have gone through such a hurtful experience with Greyhound.

I used to go back and forth from Charlottesville to Springfield via Greyhound almost every weekend to visit my family, but I don’t think I will continue to seek your services after this incident.

Please do not take this lightly, since racism is a sensitive issue that many people genuinely care about. After looking at the schedules online, I got the information that the number of the bus involved was 4407, traveling from Richmond, VA to Cleveland, OH.

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Vehicle Driver.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Greyhound Cons: Attitude of bus drivers, Rude staff.

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  • Racist Driver
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