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------------------------------------------------------------- First time getting on the greyhound to Rochester NY I took my mom and my small dog with me to spend time with our family for Father's Day. I have panic disorder so I take my dog with me if I go somewhere far.

I called greyhound and asked them what are your pet policy for people with emotional disability . No certificate needed you don't need a cage and must carry the dog and no one should question u why u have the dog. When I gave me ticket to the driver I asked since it's my first time do we get assigned seat?? He said * as long as you don't sit next to me* it wasn't funny so when he saw my face he started to laugh about it.

Me my mom and my dog got on the bus ignoring his non funny joke. We stopped 4 different places and every time he made the stop I went out to walk my dog and give her water. Right when we were about to leave on the fourth stop the driver came to our seat and questioned me * what is that?? I said it's a service dog.

He said really?? You sure?? I was embarrassed how he questioned me in front of all the passengers. I was very upset and told him do you want to see my medications???

I was told I can carry my dog and I asked about the policy of service dog already. The driver stared and me and went back to his seat. I was totally uncomfortable and couldn't believe why he question me now after 4 hours of the ride with all the stops I took the dog out?? And why he Couldn't take me aside and ask me without everyone looking at me.

While he drove I called greyhound and wanted them to know what happened to me and while I was on the phone the gentleman in back of me went to the driver and said That Asian girl is making a complaint about the driver because he's black and I'm being racist. I ignored what he said and started to talk to the rep in the complaint department while I was talking to her the gentlemen instigated the other passengers that I'm a racist *** we all black that's why she's like that people like me give bad taste to black people im messed up and so on with all the negative comments about me. This lady got up on her seat and started to scream at me and started to verbally attacking mom was scared something will happen to me. I told her how is it racist when someone feels uncomfortable and wants to make a complaint??

I never said a word about black people. I screamed at her back You are being racist to me attacking me because I'm Asian!!! I told her I have the right to complain about what happened to me this is free country. I was being attacked from the guy in back of me and the other lady through out the ride.

While the guy kept saying all these horrible things to me I smelled alcohol and I asked my mom she said he smelled alcohol ever since we left the stop before. We were very scared for our life they wouldn't stop harrassing us. I thought it will end and all of sudden the driver said on the mic * excuse me if you want to make a complaint my name is KEVIN AND HE SPELLED HIS LAST NAME on the mic. He again said everyone don't worry she is getting off the next stop to rochester.

I was totally shocked thinking I was safe in this bus with a professional driver this was totally out of line. Driver didn't stop the other passengers harassing me and now he's instigating adding more problems. I was having a severe panic attack wanted to get off couldn't stop shaking had to double my meds.I called my boyfriend please call greyhound because I can't right now and please call 911. As soon as I got off I was trying to get my bag when the same lady ran to me and tried to attack me.

Thank god three security guards saw that and pulled her away. The lady Mariah that works for the trail way in rochester saw the whole thing. The guy who kept harassing me from the back seat came out from the bus standing in the steps screaming at me threatening me he will kill me. I was bullied, harassed and threatened in the bus and outside the bus.

The driver Kevin pulled me aside and tried to talk to me and for the first time trying to be nice to me. Im sorry but HE DID NOT DO HIS JOB correctly he should've handled the situation differently instead of telling everyone that don't worry That lady getting off the next stop and go complain to greyhound my name is Kevin R ***N . I told him you were not being professional you seen my dog the whole time you instigated and caused all the problems. I was scared for my life and my mom this was a horrible bus ride and to think I was gonna be safe with the driver??you let other passengers bully me and harass me??

All of you were bullying me because I was Asian. No I will not let this go! That guy who sat back who couldn't stop harrassing me had alcohol breath!!!! This was a nightmare I paid to take my mom for Father's Day to spend time in rochester with her family and this is what happened to us.

The worst part was the driver still let those passengers stay on the bus and drove off with new passengers that got on. How can you be safe in the bus with those passengers that attacked me and my mom because we were Asians,?? And one of the guy had alcohol breath!!!??? I will not stop until I get justice.

I am still shocked and emotionally distressed about what happened. I am still waiting for someone to call me from greyhound . I hope they have recording of that lady screaming at me while I try to talk to greyhound complaint department. NO ONE SHOULD DISCRIMINATE AND BE TREATED THIS WAY.

Update from June 18 2017 when me and my mother was discriminated, harassed and threatened in the bus.I was told by Darryl , Eric and Myron from Greyhound they would give me some kinda of Refund if I don’t file a claim. As soon as I emailed them back I’m not going to file and I just want to get compensated of the horrible experience we had. I never got a response from them. I left so many messages on their phone and emails and still being ignored.

I finally got even speak to Eric and Darryl on the phone and they gave me their word they will give me a refund but still nothing in the mail and when I tried calling back none of them called me back. What kind of mistreatment is this??!! Just absolutely disgusted by this company.

First time and last time with this company.I will make sure everyone knows what kind of people they are and how UNSAFE IT IS IN THE BUS. No wonder they have the worst customer reviews **ps I WANT TO THANK THE LOVELY EMPLOYEE WHO WITNESS THIS FOR HER THOUGHTFUL LETTER TO ME IT TOOK ALOT OF COURAGE TO WRITE TO ME I WILL PERSONALLY THANK HER.

Review about: Greyhound Vehicle Driver.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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