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On october 1,2011 i was packed for my much needed trip to texas the last two years not to mention the day of and day before our family laid my grandmother to rest the day of my grandmothers last living sister passed and as said above two years of greif the month of sept lost 5 family members back to back year prior mom was told she had breast cancer she beat it nov 29 2011 they lost belongings that belonged to my late grandmother they. Claim to have found my bag nov 23,2011 but i had to find out on a call i made to them no letter no call they have been forever trying to pay me and still have not so any onr reading this that has been wrong step forward lets stop this infair treatment on my dead grandmother i will see them in court. If any of you wish to join me call me 502-943-8417 my name is joseph

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Detroit, Michigan, United States #1230471

Are you interested in this still?Greyhound did similar to me just last month.

My name is Marion and if still interested call 248-396-8617.Thank you

Ramona, California, United States #962569

I bought 2 round trip tickets when my daughter was 16 years old and had some family issues that made it where I was unable to use them at that time.I have since (for the last 7 years) been trying to get a refund as I no longer need to travel from TN to CA as I live here in CA now.

Last year I was told that I could reinstate the tickets or get a full refund minus 20 percent cancellation fee which I was fine with as long as I had the credit card I had used to purchase the ticket 6 years prior. I called the company that I had the card with and since I had not used H&R Block to file my taxes since my daughter was 16 I could get no information on the card I used. Well I called again today (3/23/15) the day before my birthday to find out what I can do about getting the over 600 dollars back and to my chagrin was informed that there is not a *** thing they can do about it because the tickets were only refundable for the first year. So I proceed to tell the person on the other end of the phone that I had just talked with someone back in Nov of 2014 that told me they could reinstate or refund at that point and he informs me that I had been lied to at that time......I do not know about you but if a company is going to lie to someone then they do not deserve to be in business any longer.

I would love to sue them because I think they have made enough FREE money off of innocent people like myself. I am now disabled and basically homeless but do they care that they...

*** NO!So yeah I will sue them with you!

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New Castle, Delaware, United States #599285

I started truck driver training with Werner Enterprises. Werner uses greyhound to transport their students from the trucks to home or to the closest Werner terminal. I live on the east coast & had to ride the bus from Oklahoma City, ok. When I handed the ticket agent my credit card it was declined. No big deal I had another card. This agent said my card was "no good". I said ok well i just used the card & it works he must be doing something wrong. So the guy tries again & its declined so he yells "your card is no good" where everyone in the whole bus station could hear! So I ask the ticket agent could he lower his voice since its nobodys business but my own my card is declines. The agent smirks up & says "I can have you removed from the bus station & can call the cops sine I'm supposedly causing a problem". How can I be causing a problem when all I ask was from him to lower his voice & stay professional? So we start argueing & I tell him hurry up & call the police because I didnt do anything wrong & so I cant be arrested. Keep in mind I'm a corporate customer & work was going to pay for my ticket & take it out of my check. So I just used my own finds. Anyway I give him my debit card & it goes through. Somehow we keep argueing because the agent wants to walk all over me & I explain that I grew up in the midwest & while its common to disrespect one another I dont tolorate that since I live in the east now. & I'm trying to explain the many reasons customers should be...

"Well I've known the agent more than 10 years and he is my friend so I will take his word over yours". So you must be causing them a problem & if he says youre a problem youre not getting on my bus & that the agents at greyhounds 800 number "just sit behind a desk allday. They dont drive no bus."

So I go inside with the driver & the agent in question is "hiding" in the area behind the counter. Another agent tries printing me a ticket but a third agent is telling the bus driver how I was argumentive & causing a problem. So I stop all everybody & try to explain my side. Then they all say they can refuse me service. So at this point I demand they put it in writing why I'm being refused service & include their names/ID numbers. They ask why & I saiy for a possible lawsuit for descrimination. Then I had to leave the bus station right then. That turned every customers head in the station around. The guys said something about "he has to have the last word" & on my way out the door I said "the customer is entitiled to the last word, respect, & to express how he/she feels". I took a cab to the airport $23 & finally decided to get a rental car home. A 24 hour rental cost me $283 PLUS $150 IN GAS. Also I had to drive it pretty much non stop the whole 1500 miles home. I slept for a total of 15 minutes. I feel as a professional cdl driver Greyhounds agents put me & the motoring public in grave danger by refusing me service over NOTHING & me being forced to do 2-3days worth of driving in one day. My late father didnt have a car the last 15 years of his life & he stopped riding greyhound because of how he saw "other" pessengers treated. I truely think the agents in OKC are biased/racist & they think if they stick together they can fight off the customers that complain. I'm still waiting on someone to call me with the status of my complaint.

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My belonging was also lost by greyhound, and they made me sit on someone lap because they over sold the bus seats, and someone was drunk and vomited on me and i had to wait a few hours untile the next stop befor they would stop the clean it up, also on another trip they change my husband ticket in the middle of his trip making my husband late to report back to the militay, he had to pay some else to get him back in time

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