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I bought two tickets to Greyhound from Newark, NJ to Scranton, PA on October 18, 2017, for returning the next day, and my husband couldn't travel with me at last minute, so I called to this not generous bus company customer service for request my refund, and the person who assisted me, after an hour waiting, and told me that I should mail to Greyhound PO Box in Dallas, a copy of my husband ticket with reference number that Greyhound representative gave me. I did all that person told me, I mailed it and until now I didn't receive any feedback.

Then, I called to Greyhound to find out what happened with my refund, because I thought was fair they give me an explanation as their loyal customer, and after waiting on line Greyhound representative told me that they can't do anything for me because my ticket was non refundable, and I said to him why their representative last year didn't tell me that my ticket was non refundable because I didn't have that information, and for that I asked that person who assisted me today that Greyhound at least should indemnize me, or giving me at least a discount on a new ticket I have to buy this days, and I think they should do this to keep me, a loyal customer, happy, because right now I'm feeling very disappointed of this bus company, and I don't wish use their service anymore, but I need to travel from New Jersey to Scranton, PA these days, and I realize that Greyhound is the only bus company that has buses from New Jersey to Scranton. I think that Greyhound should be more ethical and professional.

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Bus Ticket.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Greyhound Pros: That i could purchase online, Seeing all the amazing scenery of america.

Greyhound Cons: Unfair refund policy.

  • Due A Refund
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You have a choice of non-refundable or refundable ticket,Maybe you bought a non-refundable ticket?