Las Vegas, Nevada
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Not a very good first time experience, left Orlando Flordia on a Friday night was heading to las vegas,nv.

We were going threw Texas when some one rear ended the bus on a on ramp the driver of the car ran from the accident,we were all transferred to another bus and we weren't allowed to grab our luggage. They said it would be at our next stop.

On my next bus we had stopped in Abilene, there was two buses broke down. I had gone to get something to eat when i had got back you had loaded the bus full with the people from the two buses.

This was around 12:00pm i had to wait till 6 that night. Not knowing where my luggage had gone when i arrived to Las Vegas i had only one of three pieces of my luggage. You had told me you would call me when it comes in.

I did not receive any contact from you in two days. I call you no one answered i had let messages and you had not replied. So i had to drive an hour to the bus stop just to see if you had it yet.

I talked to the guy at the desk if he could help me he had gone back to check and came back and told me there was nothing back there so i talk to him a little more to see if he could trace it nothing showed up so he said well let me check again and what do you know he brings out my bag.

And still i had one more luggage missing so this process i had gone threw for my bag begins again for a box that is really hard to miss place. I wait a week going back and fourth every other day because you cant pick up the phone.

8 days i waited and when i had got my box it was destroyed i have pictures of the damage you had done to my property i have pictures of the box destroyed. I payed a lot of money to get my property here and you destroyed it.That was my first and my last ride with this bus line.

Who do i need to talk to or see about my damaged property,my time away from work to get to bus line to check on my property that was lost in your system. It would of been cheaper for me to take u.s airways one way then it would with this company after all the delays and problems and gas back n forth.

your company needs to make this right .

Monetary Loss: $250.

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Greyhound bus lines stole $265 from me. The lady put the wrong destination on my ticket.

When I realized it, I pointed the mistake out to the desk clerk. She refused to fix it,refused to refund the ticket.

I had to purchase another ticket at full price. I ended up costing me roughly $500 to go from Florida to Mississippi.


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