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First leg of trip in September 2011 the driver was using a stick -- A STICK -- to hold down the gas pedal by propping it under the dash. If a cruise control isn't provided, make your own???

Even going down mountains!! Very, very unsafe. Then between Memphis and Nashville the driver was falling asleep! He was swerving toward trucks in the left lane and the guardrail on either side.

Every minute or so he would *** the wheel back into the intended lane of travel. Many passengers were upset. Oh, it was in a drenching rain as well. But hey, we lived.

Final leg of the trip through Rocky Mountain canyons and roadside rivers, the driver was clearly angry when he got onto the bus. Apparently he was "late for an important date" because he was tailgating on other vehicle's bumpers, one a young lady in a red convertible sports car was literally shoved out of the way at the end of a passing lane. He was passing in areas without clear visibility far enough ahead for a BUS to be safe. The bus was swaying wickedly side-to-side as well as bouncing (more bad shocks) as he escalated speed around corners, even cutting corners on blind curves.

Passengers were "praying for safety" as one told me, while everyone was struggling to stay in their seats due to the excessive speed on the mountain riverside curves. NEVER again! Oh, the bus was 2 hours late leaving Denver because "someone forgot to schedule a driver on that line." The driver reporting was from the east coast and did not know the route so we were an additional hour late getting to Amarillo. The good part -- Amarillo had known 3 hours earlier that they were going to need another bus & driver going to OKC but did not call the driver in until the late bus arrived.

FIVE hours late getting to OKC because of poor management. (Complete disruption of my purpose for going to OKC due to being 5+ hours late.) According to staff at Amarillo, the "remodeling" has been going on "for a long time" with no finishing the job. A miserable mess... dirty bathrooms, lack of adequate food/fluids.

The guy was nice but he was clearly burned out on the complaints and situation there. The only clean places were SLC and Milwaukee. Most terminals are in the worst run-down parts of cities/towns. The one forgivable place was Joplin, MO.

That the terminal was still there was a miracle and the staff was caring, considerate, helpful. I purchased a one month pass (that disturbed every driver because it required filling out another form). There is a week remaining but I won't be using it.

My life is more valuable.

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