Im a single woman who love my family and have been traveling through greyhound to visit them at NC for awhile. I had never been so disappointed with the poor service and un professional corporation.

I had a trip on April 16 of 2017 to visit my son &family with gift and clothes,since my son was going through hard times i was happy to help "i remember when i got to my destination Raleigh NC and after such a long trip my bag was not found . i was so upset & frustraded ,everything i had taken for my grandkids &my daughter inlaw and my son was lost . i cried so much,my son was waiting for me and he tried to calm me but i was furrious . i spoke to the customer service agent and she said she couldnt help but to call the nxt day of my arrival.

For me it was a trip from *** until this day my bag has been lost with no concern from company i have not been accomodated since . i have a baggage claim contantly calling for status and they dont care. What upsets me is they took my money many times yet they dont give a bannana about customers concerns .

Im pretty sure their is fraudantly employees or staff that know what is going on but brush it off their shoulders. I continue my claim to the extreme I have contact the CEO of corporation and was responded.Im hoping I have a chance of justice.

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Baggage Policy.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: 20 Branford Pl #514, Newark, NJ 07102, USA

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I can tell you that your luggage ended up at Dallas,TX.warehouse


I have met several different people who had never ridden greyhound before and decided to take a cross country trip across America on greyhound, because they thought that it would be 'An Adventure" They all said that they didn't realize what they were getting into and that they were never going to do anything like that again. One elderly couple had to abandon their cross country, coast to coast trip only a few hundred miles in, because they sit that the constant bumping of the bus and frequent stops and crowded conditions were causing their bodies too much pain. They got off in the next big city and got a cab to the airport and flew the rest of the way home.

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