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THREE MONTHS LATER AND NO REFUND! NO RESPONSE TO MY CORRESPONDANCE! NO LUCK GETTING THRU TO THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE! Who has time to sit on 30-40 minute holds?!? NEVER will I EVER use them and I suggest you do tha same. Here's the deal:

I have been dealing with a refund from Greyhound since March 26th, 2012 and it is now June 28th, 2012. I purchased a ticket for my mother online. Somehow, it was printed with my name as the traveler and not her's even though I did this using HER Greyhound Rewards log in.

I called them immediately and was told their systems were down and to call back in 20 minutes. I called back & was told their systems were still down but to call the next day & all could be cleared up & her name placed on the ticket.

LIES! I called back and was told in order to get a refund I had to purchase an additional ticket and then email them the pdf copy of the ticket. It was for her to make to a funeral so I did all that, and was told 7-10 business days and I would be refunded.

Never heard back after 3 weeks and since then I have been calling and have been told so many lies and contradictions! Their customer service is IMPOSSIBLE to get thru to...I am currently on a 30 minute hold! I was told it would actually take 17 weeks, then another man told me he could refund me the money back in 7-10 business days.

The the refund is for over $250!!! I spent a total of over $450 on that day and am owed over half!!! Please dont use them, I dont wish this on my worst enemy!

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I purchased a ticket today for my son to travel here and they switched the names around backwards. THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM!

Now I ask you, WHY would I call, purchase a ticket, and say anyone else's name? Why? BECAUSE THE *** TICKET IS FOR THEM!!!! If it was for me, would I have mentioned a second party?

They expected me to purchase yet another ticket in order to cancel the first...right.... scam...


I left NC going to Ohio for a funreal to arrive at my destination without my check lugguage....I called five times only to hung up on and left on hold. when back to the bus stop to wait for next bus still no luggage he had no clue.

I was forced to go to the mall to purchace clothes & makeup for the funreal

The day I left got to Cleveland and my luggage was sitting there. Can I be re-inbursed for the money i spent at the mall or what.



I spoke to them today (finally) after almost 20 minutes of hold time.

Apparently there was NO RECORD of my past call or the fact that Mr. Jones (who I spoke to last) looked up my information using the credit card number i used to pay. He was the one that said 7-10 bussiness days for the refund. There was also no record of the email being recieved or a refund being processed.

When she asked me to email it again, I did. She then asked me for my credit card number to look up the second ticket I purchased. I asked why if I had done this already and...WAS HUNG UP ON.

I called back and after about 10 minutes I spoke to Ms. Smith who was kind. She told me the only thing I could do was email it "maybe twice to see if they recieve it". I did. She then told me she would note my account to show I called and emailed the pdf file.

By this time, I was exhausted mentally and very frustrated. So instead of yelling at her, since its not her fault, I thanked her for her time and hung up. This is borderline abuse and unethical! I will now have to wait 6-8 weeks more? I hope Greyhound reads this.

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