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On Dec 19,2010 Started out my trip from Cleveland, Ohio to LA, California. The Greyhound staff and most drivers were all RUDE!

Absolutely no Customer service. I felt as if I was on a Prision Bus and treated like very poorly. the trip was 2.5 days long and cost $403 RT. You would think they would try and make it as comfortable as poosible but instead overbooked the buses so there were long delays and cramped seating.

On the way to LA the 1st bus went thru a blizzard with both windshield wipers and defrost broken.

The driver was very nice but had to pulol over several times to try to fix wipers. the 2nd bus transferred in Chicago it had a bad transmission and kept stalling and the brake line kept freezing. We broke down in Iowa city on the highway. Had to get out in 10 degree weather and stand in ditch because the bus filled with fumes and smoke.

After 20 mins, boarded again and fumes gave us nose bleeds, headaches and upset stomach. Greyhound tru=ied to fix at 3 different stops but did not give us a new bus until we were in Las Vegas. Due to this we had to take our stuff off the bus several times. Smoewhere in between that a driver left a person behind as some stops we only had a 5 min break with no food or bathroom accessible for 5 or more hours.

We arrived 3 hrs late. On the way back home in Las Vegas the driver was an x Marine w/dry sense of humor and seemed mean as he would not help a diabled elder and was yelling at her so my friend said to him"U dont have to be mean to her" the driver kicked my friend off the bus. after that he was helpful to the diabled lady and everyone eles. Some drivers were very slow and waited 4 hrs in Denver for unknown delay reason.

Greeyhound says because they were overbooked. Also we were only supposed to transfer once but actually transferred twice each way and not all stops were on Itinerary.

I will NEVER take Greyhound again. I have complained and better get a refund or I am suing as most of us should do.

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Bus Service.

Monetary Loss: $403.

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Are you on drugs or are you just retarded? You shouldnt get your trip for free!!

You have no grounds for a suit either so give it up brainless wonder. :eek :eek :sigh :sigh