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Customer service sucks. The drivers (most of them) were EXTREMELY rude.

Although I gotta give a shout-out to this one female who was training to drive. I wish I could remember her name because she was really nice. Anyway... The drivers RARELY make food stops.

There was 1 food stop made at McDonalds my entire 2 day trip and the driver said he was only gonna be there for 10 minutes. He sat there for 30 minutes. Most of the bus stops only having vending machines to offer people for food and they are overpriced, like $1.75 for a pack of mms or $2.00 for a normal size candy bar. Some of them have over priced restaurants in them.

I was starving to death and heading had a mean all day and it was well into the night so I payed $7.99 for 2 chili dogs. Had a 4 hour layover in New York. I asked the supervisor to give me a meal voucher and he asked me to wait for him. So I did.

30 minutes later he comes back and says he couldn’t “find any”. The whole damn trip I had to hear foreigners speaking a foreign language in my ear. I paid extra for priority boarding but NEVER boarded once the whole damn trip. An 18 hour drive took me 2 days.

Yes they have cheaper prices but that is because they suck and their customer service is non existent.

BUT if you MUST travel Greyhound because you have no other option then do yourself a favor and pack food that you don’t have to cook and will last for the duration of your trip because Greyhound sure as *** doesn’t care if you eat or not. Also bathrooms in all the bus stations were dirty.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Greyhound Pros: Cute picture of the greyhound on their logo.

Greyhound Cons: Dirty and unsafe bus depots, Bus driver attitude to me, Dirty bathrooms, No food stops, Food in bus stations unreasonably priced.

  • Unbelievable bad service
  • Worst Company Around
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When I used to ride Greyhound they would stop at every little hick town along the way.