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Checked my cellphone this morning after I woke up and had a 2 hour old message from my 20 yr old son saying the greyhound bus he was on overnight from San Jose, CA to Santa Barbara, CA had been in an accident. After no success calling or texting him, I looked on the web and found a radio station in San Luis Obispo that said that a greyhound bus had been hit head on by a DUI driver going the wrong way on the freeway.

That was most likely his bus. They said they would update later when they had more info. Still couldn't reach my son so I called greyhound. Their customer assistance line was busy ...

tried for 30 minutes with continuous busy signals. Called corporate and they transferred me to the "correct" authorities and have now been on hold for 47:26 ... and counting.

Do you think I'm mad at inefficient emergency system ... you betcha!!!!

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