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I purchased 3 tickets yesterday May 21, 2019 for Today May 22,2019. There’s was change of plans and I’m unable to take the bus.

I called In the morning to ask for a refund and customer service told me that they couldn’t refund the tickets because it was non-refundable. I asked what tickets were refundable and she told the flexible ticket, when I looked on my phone for the flexible ticket option they only have the economy and economy upgrade. There’s no option for a refundable ticket. I spoke to the supervisor and asked her to get on her phone so she can see what I’m talking about.

The only response I got was “I’m sorry this is not a refundable ticket next time you purchase a ticket make sure to be on a laptop” how are we suppose to know that? I would like my money back or atleast half but I know that won’t happened.

Someone needs to fix the regular internet site to have that flexable ticket option because all I see is economy upgrade and that doesn’t even get your refund back. This is *** if you ask me!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Customer Care.

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Soooo...You AGREED to the terms but didn't read and/or understand them.. Gotcha....

Do not agree to the terms if you don't plan on honoring them.. Problem solved...You're welcome


Hello, If you didn't read it right. I'm trying to explain that there isn't a option button to be able to get refund tickets at all.

So when someone purchase the ticket THROUGH THIER PHONE they have no choice but to get the NO REFUND TICKET.

Look it up for your self ON YOUR PHONE. THANKS


He is probably a circuit court judge. When someone takes plea deal to a crime that they didn't commit because they are scared silly, the judge says to them "You do realize that this court is under no obligation to honor this agreement" and then he does just that and hands down the maximum fine and jail sentence, even though the person only took the plea deal because it said that all that they would get was the minimum fine. If the person had taken their case to trial they most likely would have been acquitted of all of the charges.


You would be much better off hitch-hiking. With the money that you would save on not having to buy the super-expensive tickets you could stay in a few motel rooms along the way and have money for food.