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I was on a bus from San Diego to Phoenix. When I got to Phoenix the bus was delayed approximately 6 hours.

I had to get to my destination so I changed my ticket I still was late I got on a bus from Phoenix to El Paso, and the driver was swerving and falling asleep at the wheel. When the driver was called out on his driving he said that it was windy outside so I checked my phone for the weather in that area the winds were only 6 miles per hour. Driver continued swerving and nodding off at the wheel so I called him out on his driving once again as no one else would. The driver took the next exit and stood up in his seat started walking toward the back of the bus saying who was yelling at me and I said that was me.

The driver got very rude with me and said that his driving was fine , did I want to drive the bus I said no sir we all just would like to get to our destination safely. So the driver continued on and his driving did not improve. I feel as if I was put on that bus for a reason because it wasn't the bus I was supposed to take as I said I changed my ticket. The drivers driving did not improve I had to stay awake on the bus all the way to El Paso and watch the driver to make sure that his head was not drooping he was still nodding off and he was still swerving and still falling asleep at the wheel and still being very very rude.

When we got to our destination in El Paso the driver stood up and said I got you guys here 10 minutes early looked at me and said are you sick I said no I don't know why he was pointing me out but I asked him his name and he ignored me and he continued on saying I never sleep. I have had nothing but problems with Greyhound the last time I took a bus with you the bus driver was rude to me and refused to drive the bus when I treated her the same way causing us to be 3 hours late for our destination. I'm not giving up on this if I'm not contacted by someone soon regarding this issue I will take it as high as I can. I'm not sure but I think the driver was continuing on to San Antonio.

I feel as if Greyhound does not care about their customers you don't even search your customers you just look in the bag with a little flashlight somebody could have something on them with what's going on in this world today I would like to feel safe and so would everybody around me please contact me regarding this issue as I am taking it to the highest Authority thank you for your time I really do appreciate it.

My name is Angela Brockman on my contact information is (619) 761-3713 or you can email me at Angela1 Brockman@ I look forward to hearing from someone very soon as I would like to rectify this situation thank you for your time once again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Vehicle Driver.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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