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My 15yr ol daughter went to her Grandmothers house in the Pueblo area of Colorado for spring break. Her grandmother put her on a Greyhound bus for home on Saturday March 31, 2012. They had a 1 hr layover in Denver before heading to Longmont Colorado (which is only about a 30-45 minute drive from Denver) . My husband went to the Longmont station to pick her up. She was supposed to be there at 7:45 pm. The bus had not arrived by 8:45pm. My daughter had borrowed another passangers phone to call her father to let him know that the bus was delayed because they were trying to fix the wheelchair lift. My husband told my daughter to get off the bus and go into the terminal to ask for a phone # to the terminal so we could call and find out what was going on and how much longer they would be delayed. When my daughter was getting off the bus she told the Driver what she was doing and that she would be right back and she said "If it gets fixed before I get back will you wait for me?" The driver said he would. Less than 5 minutes later she looked back toward the bus to see it pulling out of the terminal without her. Yes, they left my minor child behind. Luckily she was smart enough to have her bags aboard with her and took them with her when she exited the bus. So since we were not that far away we decided to drive into Denver to get my daughter. When we got to the terminal my daugther was having a panic attack and crying and no one even seemed to care. My husband went to talk to someone and talked to a man by the name of Donovan who said he was the night supervisor. my husbnd explained what had happened and said "You left my 15 yr old child behind." The supervisor said "So." my husband said "Well this is a bunch of ***." The supervisor then said "You don't talk to me like that. You leave, Now." called security and had my husband escorted outside. How could they not even care that they left a child by herself in an unfamiliar area (with transients sitting outside). The terminal was filthy. My daughter siad the bus was so filthy that the floors were stricky, the bus reacked to high heaven. There was garbage everywhere and to top it off she had to flick a tick off of her arm. I tried to call the manager at the Denver terminal and was left on hold 3 different times, hung up on, talked to rudely. So I called their corporate office in texas. The secretary said she would have someone call me back. But, no one has called yet. It seems like no one even cares. I almost feel like their employees are trained to be rude. So, at this point I have contacted a couple News stations and a couple of attorneys to help me in this situation. Sure I want to be compensated for my bus ticket, and For my Daughters stress and emotional distress and my travel expenses and time to travel to Denver to pick up my Daughter. But much more than that I don't want this to happen to any other child. It is absolutely unacceptable.

My daughter has been traveling by herself (not on Greyhound but on Southwest and frontier airlines) since she was 7 years old. The airlines have steps in place to ensure the safe travel of any minor. If you are under the age of 14 and traveling alone, you must hav e an airline chaperone that is with you every minute of the flight. If you are over 14 but under 18 you still must be checked in by an adult an airline employee will escort you to the plane and have you boarded and seated before any other passengers, to make sure you are aboard. Then at the end of the flight they will escort you to meet withe the person who is picking you up and that person must provide ID that matches with the name given by the ticket purchaser of whom will be picking up the minor. The minor can only take a non-stop flight. The can not take a flight that has a layover to prevent the child from missing a connecting flight. Why does Greyhound not have similar procedures in place to ensure they safety of our children. All Greyhound states is that if they are over 14 they can travel alone. That's it. No safety measures or anything. Also the Driver was taking unscheduled stops so he could smoke.

After my experience I have searched the internet hoping to find others who have been in similar situations. To my surprise there are numerous, and I do mean numerous complaints all over the internet. It is disgusting what this company is getting away with, leaving peoplw on the side of the road, kicking a mother and 3 yr old child off the bus because the child was whinning, losing passengers luggage, overbooking buses(not by a few passengers but by 20-30 passengers, who are then stranded with non-refundable tickets and they make it nearly impossible for people to get on another bus. I could go on and on. Just google greyhound complaints and you will find thousands of stories like mine. I understand everyones frustration, but adults can find their own way and luggage missing is not the end of the world. But to leave a child behind and not notify parents that they have done so or that the bus is running late, to me is unforgivable. I would never use greyhound again if they paid me a million dollars to. I will not give up on my fight for justice for my child. I will work to the ends of the earth to bring this company to their knees. They will regret the day they ever heard my name.

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Where you able to sue Greyhound?


Get a good shyster lawyer and sue them. I expect they will settle for something just to get rid of you. Good luck.

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