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On 2/3/13 I boarded a Greyhound bus in Houston, TX headed for Texarkana, AR, About half way through the drive, the bus driver got on the microphone and notified us that Greyhound had provided him with "sh**ty" directions and he had no idea where he was going. At this point he was stopped in the middle of the interstate, not on the shoulder literally in the middle of the right hand lane as cars were flying by.

He then proceeded to ask passengers for directions over the microphone. We ended up getting lost for two and a half hours. Almost everyone on the bus missed their next bus. I actually got the terminal on the phone that we were supposed to be headed to.He refused to talk to them, and attempted to kick me off the bus for calling them.

the terminal eventually got him on the phone and sent out a chase car for us to follow to the terminal. The terminal we arrived at closed at 10PM so I called customer service to figure out where we were supposed to go for the night since the next bus wasn't coming until 2PM the next day. I was told that customer service was not opened on the weekends and that we were on our own until the next day. They weren't gonig to get us to a hotel, call a cab for us or do anything to help us out at all.

I have never been treated so poorly by any place of business, and will never do business with Greyhound again.

Review about: Greyhound Bus Service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #628413

Both my daughter and I had the same experience in January in trips from New York City to Washington, D.C. Bus drivers had no idea where the D.C.

terminal was; had no cell phone or GPS system; and never called anyone in the company to get directions. I directed my bus driver back to the station; she never said thank you. My daughter's bus ended up in Virginia with a passenger directing the driver to go through a tunnel that didn't allow buses or trucks. Fortunately, there was a sign prohibiting buses.

An hour later, she managed to get back to the station.

No I'm sorry from her either. Where do they get these people?

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