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Dec.15,2017 took greyhound bus to Richmond, Va. bus had no heat, caught a bad cold.

My return trip from Richmond,Va on Jan.17,2018 once again bus had no heat, then got to Philadelphia to transfer to the Martz Bus for my destination to Wilks-Barre, Pa, the bus arrived on time at 11am which when i got off the Richmond, Va greyhound bus I was to have a 3hr layover. When my transfer bus tomy destination Wilks-Barre, Pa.

The employees did not let the passengers that were waiting for this that the bus had arrived & it was on track 10, so the bus left so me being 64yrs old with two total knee replacements had to sit in that cold terminal from 9am when i got off the Richmond, Va bus till 5:30pm when another Wilks-Barre bus came & the employees acted like they didn't care, i was told that they don't annouce the Martz bus arrival & I know that that is a damn lie bcuz I travel to Richmond, Va on the regular & when the Martz bus would arrival someone always annouce it so the people that are waiting on that bus can line up & get their tickets checked to board the bus & bcuz of their laziness or just didn't give a damn im sitting home after sitting in that Philadelphia Greyhound Terminal with a bad cold, fever & congestion. This just a shame how this company treat their seniors & I feel that I should be compensated for this, I am so appauld by the way this terminal & their employees do or don't do their joball they do is walj around running their mouths & not doing their jobs that they are paid to do, I probally won't be doing traveling business with greyhound anymore bcuz there is no way in the world that i had to sit in that terminal from 9am till 5:30pm just to get to my destination that is only 2 and a half hours from their Philadelphia terminal bcuz their employees fail to annouce that my bus to Wilks-Barre was outside on track 10 so the pulled off so now im home sick bcuz of them not doi g their jobd!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Bus Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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