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I am ONLY writting this because i am TERRIBLY uncomfortable right now. I had an accident a year ago that caused me to loose my memory and i have trouble when i get nervous in speaking without sounding like a 1 1/2 year old argueing for cooking with their mom.

I also have a service dog since the accident has now caused seizures and he alerts me when he knows i am going to have one so i can sit down and not harm myself. As i hope you can tell, i communicate very well, as long as speech isnt involved. I consider myself smart enough to know when something isnt right. And THIS......is definately NOT RIGHT.

And there is NO WAY (if ANY of the employees have eyes) that ANYONE could miss and not see what is going on in this depot in MEPHIS TN...

I arrived in Mephis Tn at 9:30 am on 12/11/2019 i have a layover, stop, transfer...OF...... 20 1/2 HOURS... YES 20.50. A VERY LONG TIME.

The time right now is 6:25 pm 12/11/2019. I am STILL here because my family can not drive the 5 hours here and back to get me home to them. As there are only 2 of my family left that drive. One works for the company of where i will be leaving Greyhound.

As i can not drive i have to wait in MEPHIS. TN until 6 am.

I was sleeping until ONE of the GROUP of young people pulled the row of seats out from the window in order to plug her cell phone into the floor. Then once i was awake and upset because it startled me she and "her companion" proceed to laugh at me for looking at them for startling me. As well as laugh the female says "who cares i will smash that b***ches face".

EVEN THOUGH I HAD SAID NOTHING!! At this point i wasnt too concerned and had not really noticed that there were ALOT of people in here for NO buses arriving or departing and 90% of the ones that were in here were ONLY carrying bookbags which they had NO problem leaving sitting around all alone. Now i have 3 bags under the bus as well as 2 i am carrying on and my service animal. So its ALOT of stuff and i dont want to take my dog out to use the restroom or even go myself because "NEVER LEAVE YOUR BAG UNATTENDED." policy.

And she leaves said bookbag.......2 SEATS FROM MINE. (Even though she was sitting in the END seat when her and her companion went outside. NOW THIS is when i REALLY start to notice and pay attention. So IF CORPORATE WATCHES THEIR CAMERAS AT THE MEMPHIS TN DEPOT...YOU WILL SEE EVERYTHING I SAW AND ME.

So at this point i am awake and the "couple" are going out the side door, the bookbag is STILL sitting 2 seats from me, i have noticed a few more things that are making me think.....THIS......is a drug ring, AND ITS OBVIOUS TO ANYONE WITH ANY SENSE OR SIGHT.


I started to notice when the male of "the couple" (AFTER the female of "the couple" has asked for food to eat) tells her "I am not paying those high prices for food" and gets her FREE food from some ladies with a cooler, pulls out (HIS AMOUNT NOT MINE because he said it out loud) "$900.00!!!! That i made HERE, TODAY!!!!!"

NOW of THAT doesnt make me want to run as fast as i can to an EMPLOYEE OF GREYHOUND....I dont know what would. BUT THEN I REMEMBER......IF I CAN SEE THIS....SO CAN THE EMPLOYEES....

So why would they not put a stop to this???? AS I AM WRITTING THIS.. The male of "the couple" stops a little to MY right and has a conversation with AN EMPLOYEE and they seem to know each other pretty well. So i am sitting here watching over my glasses at anyone who comes near me....

NO ONE should be this uncomfortable sitting in a terminal at a bus station waiting on their departure time because the employees did nothing when i said outloud to the employee behind the service desk "WHY the lady said Jackson Tn departure was leaving TWICE and that SOMEONE had missed their bus....and MY next stop is....Jackson Tn tomorrow morning." Her reply after i handed her my ticked to show her..." SHE SAID DALLAS!!!" NOW i may have speech problems BUT i hear just fine.

So i go sit down questioning MYSELF as to my mental capacity. THEN i remember WHY i am where i am. I had questioned myself since my accident because someone kept telling me i was wrong only to have EVERYTHING i thought i got wrong PROVEN to be right by SOMEONE OUTSIDE of "family" that had been telling me i was wrong. THEY has seen what i was seeing for a YEAR and being told NEVER happened...

THANK YOU GOD for some relief. THIS IS WHY I AM IN MEMPHIS TN GREYHOUND TERMINAL TONIGHT!! I made a choice to listen to myself and what i KNOW and see! And made the decision to leave when i knew i hadnt been mistaken but lied to.

HERE it has gotten VERY busy again. I am stull sitting here and MOST of the "YOUNG GROUP" has left. And i am wondering if they will be back when the buses depart in waves again. Since i heard the young boy in camoflauge say his bus leaves at 3am...they will be back.

IF Greyhound can figure out SOMETHING to make passengers with mental health issues, especially anxiety, from trauma, a little more comfortable. Or atleast educate SOMEONE FROM EVERY SHIFT in how to speak to SOMEONE LIKE ME without making us think we are phycho or a BURDEN to them because we are confused and just need reassurance...THANK YOU SO MUCH TO SIERRA FROM MEMPHIS TN TERMINAL....SHE WAS AWESOME. AND I APPRECIATED HER HELP SO MUCH. SHE NEVER LOOKED AT ME LIKE I WAS BOTHERING HER OR WHEN I HAD A QUESTION SHE ANSWERED IT AND MADE ME FEEL AT EASE.



Look into this. I have mental issues because of trauma with causes anxiety.

When I CAN SEE that there are ALOT of drug deals going on INSIDE the depot and the employees see NOTHING... YALL GOT PROBLEMS. As o lok around RIGHT NOW... there are a couple still here.

Theres NO WAY that GREYHOUND AND SECURITY EMPLOYEES inside and outside this building do not see it.

Fix this problem. Because i am going to tell EVERYONE i know to REFUSE to go through this terminal when it is NOT run by Greyhound but by DRUG DEALERS.

Reason of review: Employees ignoring DRUG DEALERS in your terminal.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: Columbia, South Carolina

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Am I in Mexico, or is this the Memphis Greyhound Bus Station?


Your typical, Looney Tune Greyhound bus passenger.


Yep defiantly mental health issues. Just because you see something doesn’t make it real.

Sounds like you really do have issues.

You hear a snippet of convo and jump to conclusions. One has to wonder what drugs you are really on.

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