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greyhound bus lines have broken the company to other subsidiaries so you have problems fighting them on complaints and the only people you can talk to from there is customer service which is a joke.I went to Toronto and on the way back the bus left 20minutes late and...
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i recently road the greyhound and the driver that dropped use off at the Atlanta terminal threw my bran new bag into the street braking the wheels and the primary zipper. the staff at the Atlanta terminal (were i spent 8 hours at waiting for my next bus btw) told me i...
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I was trying to get my daughter from Minnesota home to Ga. She fell asleep and missed her bus in Atlanta. She was told she had to pay $20 re-scheduling fee to catch the next bus home but she had to pay in CASH! My daughter had no money so we tried to pay the $20 over...
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well, i was told by clerk athat my bus would be leaving Atlanta Geogia at 9:25 that Friday night,so i left the cancer center early to get there i had use my bank card to pay for the ticket. well, the clerk said i could go to the airport to pick up ticket.when i got...
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I didn't like
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The "bus driver" a woman was rude and unprofessional . i love my sisters but she is one that i wouldnt want in my circle and i love everyone black white rich or poor.i was leaving Charlotte NC traveling to Asheville NC. Ive done this trip for years and every other bus...
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I took greyhound from Charleston wv March 6th 2015 at that point and time the bus was late pulling out on top of that they drove abd did nit let passengers off to eat breakfast or lunch or dinner for over 12 hours or more I ride the bus for 33. Hours and didn't eat...
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I was just trying to price tickets and by accident I purchase ticket. Daughter took me to Greyhound bus station to get my money back, and they Sid I bought a unrefundable ticket. I am out of $137.00 on fixed income. I wasn't trying to buy a ticket. I want my...
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On Dec 19,2010 Started out my trip from Cleveland, Ohio to LA, California. The Greyhound staff and most drivers were all RUDE! Absolutely no Customer service. I felt as if I was on a Prision Bus and treated like very poorly. the trip was 2.5 days long and cost $403 RT....
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Are you on drugs or are you just retarded? You shouldnt get your trip for free!! You have no grounds for a suit either so give it up brainless wonder. :eek :eek :sigh :sigh


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Standing in line for 40 minutes bus is not here to go to Memphis I need a refund today Atlanta bus 5-22-15

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What was scheduled as a 34 hour bus trip has turned into a 4 day ordeal! I understand weather delays, but delayed passengers should be the top priority. I'm missing doctors appointments and now going to be home 14 hours before I have to leave again instead of the 3 days that were planned and greyhound doesn't even say they are sorry
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