I had this happen with my son a few years back. We had had major storms closing roads etc so his bus was cancelled.

A week later when bus had finally resumed my son gets on the bus in his grandma's town where there was no actual station. He gets into Spokane and they are suddenly hassling him over the ticket date. Even though the bus line was closed every day until then from ticket date and we were told to just get him on the next available bus. They wouldn't allow my 14 yr old to call me etc leaving him in the city with no way out of there, no phone etc.

He finally caused enough if a commotion for them to allow him to call me. I got the supervisor on the phone and basically explained the liability on his head off my son wasn't on that bus leaving in 3 minutes. That's how close he was to not getting on the bus.. Hope your situation turned out ok.

Many years ago when same son was 4 I had a bus driver tell me he was going to stop the bus in the middle of the night in a remote part of Montana because my 18 month old daughter wasnt feeling good and was crying.

We'd been on the bus for i think 6 hours then and other than her crying had both behaved. I had even asked if anyone had any water i could borrow as my water refills were unintentionally left in grandma's car. We got into the next station and i got out to get water stocked up and my son disappeared. He had ran in the restroom and i had to go in the men's room to find and retrieve him as he had started to wet his pants and was crying because he had been too scared to used the one on the bus.

As I'm kneeled down about 20 feet from bus to change him into dry clothes and still be close enough to hear boarding call. Suddenly driver yells last call for boarding. I holler wait wait i didn't hear first call sorry I'm coming. I'm in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night at an unmanned station.

I've got a half dressed kid, a sick baby, carry on suitcase with clothes, water, food etc i just bought from machine, two more days of travel still yet to Eastern Kansas and I'm almost 8 months pregnant only 5 weeks away from my due date with my third child ..i closed the suitcase to change my son on the bus and grabbing everything.. And this jerk says nope i called it when you were in the men's restroom and I'm going. So the jerk watched me frantically looking for my son yet took it as perfect chance to leave me!? He closed the doors and was about to pull away.

I lost it. I was only about 25 years old and scared of being there alone with 2 kids in the middle of night. I dropped my stuff and started bawling.. thank goodness a few big guys with a heart and a little tiny older lady got up and forced him to stop.

They got off the bus telling the driver if he left itd be more than his job he'd have to worry about.. They grabbed me, kids. (wet pants and all) suitcase and got us on the bus and informed the driver a complaint would be filed. I will never forget that nightmare.

Their only compensation was free tickets for future use.. iI wasn't planning any bus trips so it wouldn't done me no good..

Could use a few now though. Haha

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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