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One time I was Hitch-Hiking across America and It was taking a real long time to get home. I got let off somewhere in Indiana and I picked up a pay-phone and called up my mama long distance and asked her to pray with me that God would make a miracle happen and get me a ride back to Oregon in only one ride the next day.

We prayed together for a miracle, and then the next day this real nice young lady picked me up and gave me a ride to Fort Wayne, Indiana. She told me that she was going to buy me a ticket for a little ways to help me along. We got to the station and she asked the lady how much it was for a ticket to St.Paul, Minnesota, where she used to live at. The lady quoted the price, which was over $100.

Then, I chimed in and asked the Greyhound lady how much it would be for a ticket all the way back to Ashland, Oregon where I was going to, and the price she quoted was only like $70 more, and the young lady that picked me up smiled real big and said that she was buying me a ticket to Ashland, Oregon. I was so amazed and joyful. The prayer that my mama and me said the previous evening over the telephone and been answered just like we asked, and I now had a ride all the way back to Ashland, Oregon. The young lady gave me a big hug goodbye and she gave me a real nice bible that she had that was imprinted with her name on it.

I read words of the Good Book on my journey back home, and afterwards when I got back to Oregon. It was a miracle from God and I cried tears of joy. Just like the tears of joy that I cried the night Barack Obama was elected President and I also saw Oprah Winfrey and Jesse Jackson crying tears of joy as well. I cried tears of joy the whole ride home on the Magic Bus and I will never forget the Miracle that I was Blessed with.

I rode the rest of the way home through Chicago, Omaha, Cheyenne, Salt Lake City, Reno and Sacremento, California. All paid for by an Angel sent by God in response to me and my Mama's prayer over the long distance telephone line.

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