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purchased a round trip ticket @ lewisville texas depot(gas station) to find out on my return i was issued a one way ticket. had to pay $350.00 total for a ticket that should have cost $60.00 tops.

the ride from texas to oklahoma had no a/c. the ride back had a beligerant drunken hobo who was arrested in joplin after he was told to leave the property several times.

i'd just returned from burying my broyher, the drunk heard me talking to a fellow passanger and then began asking me "did he overdose?" continues to harrass other riders for ciggarettes and spare change, and the driver let him on the bus knowing he was drunk(he smelled of alchohol) clearly breaking greyhound rules. this was a bad experience and will never use their service again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Bus Ticket.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $328.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Greyhound Cons: Refund policy, Poor service, Rude staff, Disgusting.

Location: 877 S Stemmons Fwy, Lewisville, TX 75067, USA

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I used to live under bridge #23 Ashland, Oregon. The Mr.C's.

Grocery store across the street doubled as the local Greyhound Bus station with a yellow picnic table on the side of the building serving as the waiting area. Once, I went into the station, inquiring of Mrs.C. how much it would be for an Ameripass for a week. She replied "You want to know how much it would be for an ameripass in exhchange for *** And the guy who worked there started laughing real hard.

I wasn't particularly fond of this Greyhound station. Many people wouldn't shop in this store because of the way the owner Mr.C. was such a rude jerk. I bought 3 different tickets to Florida, and I paid $1 to ride the local transit bus up to Medford, 11 miles north to buy my tickets there, rather than just simply walk across the street to purchase them from Mr.C, because I didn't want that jerk to get the 10% or 15% commission that his store made from each ticket.

Once, I overheard Mrs.C talking about it and she said that all of the commissions from the sale of Greyhound tickets added up to alot of money for their store, hundreds of dollars a month. I had a friend named Dermott who was a Vietnam War Hero who earned a Bronze Star from the '68 Tet Offensive. He lived under the bridge with me for a while and one time he got so pissed off at Mr.C., that he called up the Greyhound Bus Headquarters and reported Mr.C.'s rude and offensive behavior towards his customers. The Greyhound Representative laughed and told Dermott that every time they get a complaint over the phone about the way a Greyhound Bus Station is being run, that it's about Mr.C.'s Market.

One night, Dermott was run over by a Jeep and killed while he was walking across the highway with a bunch of beer and liquor to go drink with his buddies before he was to leave for Salt Lake City, Utah the next morning on a prepaid nonrefundable Greyhound Ticket. When Mr.C heard about it he said "Someone did me a favor! I didn't like that guy!" Eventually, Greyhound stopped service to Ashland, and anyone traveling out of there had to go the 11 miles to the Medford station to take their trip. If Mr.C.

hadnn't been such a jerk, he could have made all of the commissions of my expensive Greyhound Bus tickets. I'm sure that other people probably did the same thing and that probably influenced the company stopping service to Ashland. Greyhound Stations Operators should always treat all of their customers with the upmost respect. Once, I asked Dermott what he thought that the "C" stood for in "Mr.C." and Dermott said that it meant 'Mr.

C---------" (a real bad word that can't be printed on here, but which is heard often in street talk). Anyway, when I think about it, Mr.C.'s' jerky behavior really was right on par with the way that your Typical Greyhound Employee treats it's customers.

They would make so much more money if they treated everyone with kindness and respect. Basic Business Economics.

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