Sikeston, Missouri
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bought a ticke from greyhound from Flint Mi to Batesville Ms, with one layover in Chicago and one in Memphis. Left Flint arrived in Chicago approximately 4 hr.

layover and waited for bus to Memphis which arrive on time at 6 pm. Got in line for bus to Memphis almost made it on and told they were full and would have to wait for next bus which was for 6 am next morning, 12 hrs later. Total trip time would have been around 32 hrs. No accomodations.

Tried to get answers and some help only got security. Finally after certain amount of my being a pain in the butt, got a ticket back to Flint, bought a plane ticket and flew. The ride back to Flint was like a jail on wheels. Greyhound totally uncaring.

Not just me either, a soldier late to get back to base a woman missing her daughters wedding etc. to *** with greyhound

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Bus Service.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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Do you really believe all these excuses that Greyhound comes up with when a problem arises?These are just stories because they are juggling drivers and not enough busses. Just sell tickets and do what you can do to get the passengers on the road.

It is the same same story all over America in all business.

The guys at the top are making obscene amounts of money while using us regular folks to do their dirty work. WAKE UP AMERICA!


whywould anyone use greyhound? plane tickets dont cost that much more, especially worth the extra money if you need to go somewhere important.