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I was traveling with my family ( husband and 5 year old child) today from Michigan (8-15-09) when i came to chicago. In chicago i asked to make sure ( as i was promised would not be a issue when i purchased the tickets) that i would be able to sit by my 5 year old child.

However 4 different greyhound employees told me no i would not be able to accompany my 5 year old child along the 6 hour trip by his side at 1 am in the morning to st louis. They had no compassion or understanding of my need to be with my 5 year old and to be beside him on to take care of him on this trip. They quoted saying its first come first serve for the seats. That they would not be able to provide my child who is 5 a seat next to me or my husband.

They said i would have to sit him by a stranger... Please keep in mind this bus travel 6 hours without any light whatsoever except one short stop. My child would have been sitted by a stranger where i would not have had any visibility or been able to observe him. had i not become hysterical and finally after 20 minutes almost of me crying and screaming saying i will not put my 5 year old child on the bus with a stranger in the dark night without even bus lights for 6 hours and I also begged for management which never came they finally made us a seat together.

However this seat was right behind a man watching ***. I had been under the impression that greyhound was a family site.... but they tried to separate me from my baby and tried to force me to neglect his safety and allowed us to be exposed ***... he is five years old.....

and when i complained about it all they said was go get a complaint form. When i tried they said they were out of complaint forms.

Please alert other families who are concerned about there children's well being, that they very well may be separated completely from there young children, and there children and themselves can very easily be exposed to ***, by alerting people to my experiences, so they can protect themselves, and there children from such traumatic happenings, by making this public. You may use my name and any other info you need.

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Bus Service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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yes greyhound is despicable and so is everyone who stands up for a company that is doing bad things or cutting corners or hiring incompetent people for profit money isn't everything someday you may find yourself in this situation quit thinking of yourself grow up greyhound sucks


Greyhound is one of the only bussiness that treats people like dirt, and WE put up with it

Greyhound and America just doesnt seem to fit


Greyhound did not allow sexual abuse to a 5-year old child; at no point was he *forced* to watch *** (I'm assuming that is p0rn). Yes your experience was traumatic and wrong, but crying wolf because of it does nothing to generate sympathy for you.

Claiming sexual abuse because a man watched p0rn near your child is laughable, and almost predictable on a bus. You get what you pay for.

To "Vicke", I am incredibly sorry to hear that and you will have my deepest prayers.


I was fondled on a bus trip when I was 6 years old in the EXACT situation you described. I was too embarrassed to tell anyone. YOU ARE A GREAT PARENT to not allow it.