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On 8.11.03, we got on a broken greyhound bus, the bus caught fire, the bus driver abandoned us on a smoke filled bus, a lady broke her leg trying to escape the fire, we were literally stranded on the highway(actual highway where cars drive out in the open) for over 3 hours, no cops came to help, babies hungry and tired, terrible customer service, luggage lost, no refund, and all we were offered was a free round trip ticket. If the airlines have a passengers bill of rights to protect consumers, what about The Greyhound bus Company????

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Bus Service.

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my heart goes out to you all that lost everything i just got off the greyhound bus on monday and i realize that could have been me so yes i think that greyhound should have a refund and pay for ther lost items :sigh


hey man i think i was on the same bus. didn't we all die that day?


You are a liar! I was on the exact same bus, the driver did not abandon us!

He ran to the rear of the bus to shut it down manually, because the ignition wires had burned through and he couldn't disable the bus any other way. Plus the cops did show up in about 15 minutes, along with the fire dept. Granted it did take about 2 and a half hours before we were able to get on another bus.

The woman did not break her leg, but she did fall coming off the bus when you shoved her out of your way. You are an ***!

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