Fort Myers, Florida
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We chose to ride the Greyhound Bus thinking we would have a relaxing, stress free trip from FL to KY.....

It was exactly the contrast to that!! Extremely dirty, old, not safe, bus stations were in the worst parts of towns, horrible customer service, cramped small seats, uncomfortable, unfriendly, uninformative drivers simply was total Torture!!!! Never Never again!!!!!

We chose to get off the bus after 17 horrific hours into a 28 hour ride....

We actually rented a car and drove the remainder, in total happiness and freedom!!!

That was the first and LAST time I will ever step aboard a Greyhound Bus!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Bus Service.

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Lucky you, not everyone can afford to rent a car. I don't know what the drivers make now but I do know Greyhound has been trying to bust the union and has forced wage cuts on the drivers.

I too had a surly driver and also a friendly one.


It's just a bus ride. The passengers were nice though.