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A greyhound driver picked us up four and a half hours and went 59 miles out of the way to get on Highway 280 out of Opelika Alabama when she was already on 280 I had to use Google Maps to guide her into the bus station at Birmingham then for some reason from Birmingham to Lewisville I never changed buses but one of my bags got missing I called immediately and reported all of this when I got to Louisville I called and reported my bag I called back they agreed to refund my ticket cost but for some reason they can't find where I complained about my bag being lost and I've called customer service and being put on hold and every call got cut off I asked for the number to corporate office and I was refused so corporate needs to get off their *** so we can talk to him because I've got $500 worth of stuff in a bag somewhere and for some reason they don't want to acknowledge it I got proof I checked the bag and Opelika Alabama but they're saying I never said nothing about it so here you are corporate office I recorded every phone call I made its own recording that I discussed my lost bag with the gentleman so if it's not on your computer and they said they don't have it that's not my fault so what we do now far having to replace my stuff and where did Death because of a driver that was impaired buy whatever reason I will be in touch with my attorney this is no joke and no laughing matter just because you in the corporate office don't mean you can't talk to individual about something we need a way to get in touch with you but I guarantee you my attorney can have a blessed day

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Vehicle Driver.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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