My friend was coming from Denver, CO to kansas for a 1 week visit. Everything went fine when he boarded the bus for Kansas.

The day he was supposed to leave, we go to the bus station, and the bus never shows up. We were told by a greyhound representative that we could use the ticket the following week. When we showed up the next week, the bus driver put his bags underneath the bus, and then he got on, and showed her his ticket. She proceeded to say, this is not valid, jumped off the bus, and threw his bags in the snow and drove off as fast as she could.

When he got back in the car, we called greyhound to tell them about this. They said that he could pay an additional 15 dollars to take the bus again. why we were never told this in the beginning is still a mystery to me. So, we go back to the bus stop the following day with the 15 dollars, and the driver still will not let him on the bus.

We asked for her name, and she said i don't have a name, and drove off as fast as she could...again. I thought this would be a simple trip, nothing to worry about, and my friend ended up having to stay an additional 9 days, because of greyhound. i will never again use greyhound.

i am appalled at how poorly they treat their customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Bus Service.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Location: Kansas City, Missouri

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Hey Greydog here... man I wish that driver could have gotten your bags off even faster than that!

We should have a sit down with that driver-driver shouldn’t have even put your bags in the bus in the first place! Wow, our bad...


I am traveling from boston to philadelphia and got bumped off the bus twice not because i was late for the bus but they ran out of seats how is this possible and now im going to miss the next bus because of traffic but i shouldve been been there already they will take that money for those tickets and the staff in new york and philadelphia are the worst they find the most ignorant black people they can find and put them in charge its a disgrace i will never travel greyhound or peterpan again


That's 'cause you're just ignorant white trash.


I bought my ticket legit online spent $100 from san luis obispo to indio cslifornia got my driver's licence and $40 stolen from a greyhound driver in santa barbara the most horrible experience of my life then got stuck in Los Angeles because I didn't have my drivers licence but was able to get a bus to Indio California thinking my horrors were gone made it to Indio to my surprise was greeted by Bordel patrol with no identification but my brother talk to them and was able to get home I wouldn't want anybody to experience this horrible experience :'(


Several riders got stranded because of cancelled buses. Because of cancelled buses, I arrived in Minneapolis and missed my connection to Menomonie, WI. There was a time when that happened, Greyhound would put you up in a hotel--but get this! They were actually telling customers to put up at an unsafe homeless shelter nearby! I, myself, had a $220 ticket. They could have swung $38 for a hotel and still made a profit!

Greyhound does not care nor appreciate its customers. I wish Megabus ran out to the west. They are far better than Greyhound!


There are some good Greyhound Employees, and some good Greyhound bus drivers.

The 10% that is bad, though, is EXTREMELY bad, unexcuseably so. A woman in a wheelchair asked to get off to use the restroom at the SAME TIME everybody else was getting off, if everyone else is getting off the bus its only fair to open the side door to let the handicapped woman out!

The bus driver complained about her "expecting special treatment because she's handicapped".

Another time I had a racist black b****, every single thing about her indicated that her family was obviously a bunch of inbred drug addicts and that she obviously had some severe mental problems. She made a white female sit next to me, a straight male, you should never force a woman to sit next to a strange man, but this was because she did not want to tell the black people not to take up two seats. Even their security guards are G-H-E-T-T-O. Except for the ones who are ignorant rednecks, which are often even more closed minded. Passengers with mental disabilities often miss busses because the dumb redneck security guards assume that anyone "acting funny" has drugs on them when in reality the average 9th grade drop out can easily tell the difference between someone high on drugs and someone who's just a little bit slow.

Although I have no experienced it, I have also heard stories of "traditional" white racism displayed in some other regions against black passengers, such as under-the-breath comments made by drivers and later denied (although passengers, even white passengers, often stand up as witnesses), but they get away with it, due to the fact that Greyhound security guards often are their own police department and so they get away with things on a daily basis, whereas if your local store clerk, lawyer, accountant, plumber, or airplane pilot treated customers the same way, they wouldn't only lose their job: they would be ARRESTED.

Keep in mind that airline pilots make $18,000 a year, despite how hard it is to get a job as an airline pilot. Never had any problems on a plane.

They call customers "***" and security guards threaten them with violence if they complain. Most of their workers are uneducated violent ghetto bullies, with a few middle class white trash rednecks mixed in. I have lived in ghettos and trailer parks all my life, and I have NEVER seen a group of people more ignorant than the greyhound bus drivers. You will find a more tolerant and open-minded group of people within the local drug dealing gang members, many of whom are my friends in my neighborhood.

And don't tell me this is because of the customers they have to deal with. All of my fellow passengers, from homeless people to business executives, have shown more dignity and respect then greyhound security guards or bus drivers.


Says the ignorant white trash.


Oh it's absolutely horrible. I take it only when I absolutely have to. For example, I just payed for a non-refundable round trip from Houston to Austin. In spite of this, as soon as I learned that someone I know is going to Austin the day I needed, I immediately asked if he could give me a ride. He said yes, but I'd have to sit in his truck for 6 hours while he made his home inspections. Having to sit for 6 hours in a truck, throwing away at least half of the money I payed for the trip, and potentially causing problems when I go for the return trip are all awesome-riffic compared to the *** that is greyhound.

If you have a disability, or worse, a service dog, you're pretty much screwed.

Ticket lady: "You can't take pets on the bus."

me [pulling out documentation]: "it's a service dog"

Ticket lady: "you were supposed to call this number first" (absolutely nothing of the sort was indicated when I bought my ticket)

[I call the first number, and after minutes of holding:]

me: "I have a service dog and was told to call this number."

guy: "Oh, you need to call this other number to talk to our disability guy." (You think he'd transfer me, but no. Even though i was on my cell phone and obviously incapable of writing down yet another number, he just gave me this other number and expected me to call it)

[after calling other number and more holding]

me: "I have a guide dog and was told to call this number"

guy: "Oh, you need to call Kerville bus co. so the driver can approve your dog."

I ended up calling 3 numbers only to find out that it was for wheelchair access...

and this was a trip from a large metro area to a university town (and the capital no less) where the folks on the bus are generally reasonable and the bus is free enough to allow those who want a row to themselves to have one.

If Dante were around now he'd have made a 10th circle of *** where all you do is get on and off a greyhound bus at a horrible inner city bus station for all eternity. I don't know what sin you'd commit to go there, but it'd have to be pretty bad,


I truly think greyhound is the worst American company overall. Its a disgrace that the U.S. has them operating their terrible service here.


the customer service is awful. i am on the phone with them now and i have been on hold for 42 minutes so far it makes no sense for it to take this long to get speak with someone


If you think the way their employees treat the customers is bad, you should see how the company treats it's drivers! The reason so many drivers are so bad is because any driver with a sense of basic respect for human dignity will not stay working there.

Although partially owned by Greyhound Boltbus is an entirely different experience. They often take the drivers who are leaving Greyhound in disgust and use their experience and commitment to customer service to theirs (and yours) advantage.

Try Boltbus... you will like it.


My complaints about greyhound's customer service cannot fit into this text box. Repeatedly through terrible customer service, inexcusably inexperienced drivers, a complete apathy for customer satisfaction, and so much more, they have made it clear that they genuinely do not care about the people who they transport.

Moo! :(


I totally agree. they treat their customer poorly .

I m not going to use greyhound bus in my life again.

never! :(


Like I said,I sued Greyhound a year ago at Small Claims Court in NYC for losing my lost luggage and I'm on their CEO David Leach about his luggage staff stealing my lost luggage at Oklahoma City 2/21/07.They think 250 is gonna settle everything.I laughed at their offer plus they hired corrupt lawyers to forged my signatures claiming I cashed the check I returned to them as a insult.I'm asking for 20,000 dollars from the bus company as settlement.

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