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At the end of June, my wife and I departed from British Columbia on a cross-country motorcycle trip. Before we left, we shipped a backpack and a suitcase ahead of us to Sherbrooke, Quebec. The backpack arrived, the suitcase did not. Both were obviously part of the same shipment. We saw the tags tied onto both.

We have had no luck getting any answers. When the individual stations were faxed by the original terminal, only a couple bothered to write back. We were told that they cannot track anything, despite the fact we were given a waybill number with the understanding they could. Despite numerous promises, nobody has called us back.

Today, we were told that our lost baggage claim will not be processed for 60 days. Unbelievable!! It is the first shipping company I have dealt with that cannot tell you in minutes the last known location of a shipment. We want our suitcase back, not the $100 we will probably get, by the sounds of it.

Get out of the dark ages, Greyhound!

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