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Greyhound is the worst travel service ever. I normally catch the train but it was sold out. Catching the bus is normally my last resort right after walking. On my way from memphis to new orleans for my college spring break, greyhound over booked the bus and 3 old men had to stand for 4 hours. There were 3 musty dogs on the bus as well, that accompanied the seats that were suppose to be for the elderly men. The bus driver was rude as well as the customer service agents.

I've been sitting in his bus station in New Orleans since 7:45am. It is now 2:14pm. The bus was supPose to arrive at 10am.I've been informed that the bus had been having problems. I was'nt told this until 1pm. Three hours after my departure time. No one told the customers about the problem. Somebody had to get up and start fussing and cussing for us to know that our trip was delayed until further notice. The bus drivers are so ***. They are inconsiderate and do not caring about paying customers feelings. They claim that a bus is suppose to come at 8pm, 10 hours after our original bus departure. There's only one person working the desk, where as there should be at least 3. All of 30 people are pissed and there's no one to give us a straight answer.

The refund policy ***. What's so hard about giving people their money back if their not satisfied. All they care about is cutting corners and saving money. *** GREYHOUnD. i will start my own bus company and put greyhound out of business.


Monetary Loss: $72.

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Worse service always delays and bad services of guards even going to restrooms got to show up tickets in LA ....we are turist no terrorist...

Morenci, Arizona, United States #1339961

If you start your own bus line service... please let us know. We hate Greyhound.


I too was one of the ones stuck at the bus station on March 13th. I slept on Greyhounds floor.

I think it was very unfair and indecent . I paid for my round trip ticket I was told that I would be at home at a certain time I got home 13 hours later. I have back problems and I slept on the floor I was recently in an accident. They told us nothing and you in the morning came and that one guy came to open up he took everyone that had new tickets before.

After we stayed in the bus station overnight. It was very unprofessional of Greyhound the way they left us in there, and it was very unprofessional the way they treated us once they got back there! I will never ride greyhound again in life. All the did was give me my return ticket refund.

But what about me sleeping on disgusting floor. I have and will keep on tell my family and friends not to use greyhound. And we ride a lot , so please please if u still ride greyhound. When they call for your bus.

You need to run for the line. Especially if they have redoarders, cause I wouldn't know when you going to make wherever your going.

to Anonymous Morenci, Arizona, United States #1339963

At least you got to sleep inside the terminal. My grandson and other passengers were told to sleep outside in the street overnight.


Do you really believe all these excuses that Greyhound comes up with when a problem arises?These are just stories because they are juggling drivers and not enough busses. Just sell tickets and do what you can do to get the passengers on the road.

It is the same same story all over America in all business.

The guys at the top are making obscene amounts of money while using us regular folks to do their dirty work. WAKE UP AMERICA!

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