I was travelling across America and used my credit card for the first time in over a year to purchase a ticket from Lexington Kentucky to Austin Texas. A few days later it was charged $275 to Rent a Center in KY, there was no physical way I could have been there since I was in Texas!!!!

Since this there was 2 other fraudulent transactions before I stopped the card.

When I think of it the guy who served me was overly friendly with me, thought he was *** and hitting on me!! He must have passed on my credit details there is no other explaination since it stayed in my wallet the whole time, only used my credit card to buy a ticket because Greyhound stations tend to be in the wrong end of town and would not like to carry cash!

Anyway know anything more about this please contact me. Have emailed Greyhound and have had no response!!!

Location: Crawley, England

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To all Greyhound Costumers,

I called Greyhound to report credit card fraud and they were not helpful at all.

They were rude, would not disclose the name of the person traveling with the ticket which was purchased with my credit card and would not cancel the transaction.

I called my bank (Chase), cancelled my card, and filed a police report. I will pursue this and will make sure i get an article in a major newspaper. They (Greyhound) knew who was traveling with the ticket they could have stopped this criminal from continuing to commit financial crimes and they simply did not. Their (Greyhound) best interest is to make money and not to protect their loyal customers and crack down on crime. Making money is all they care about. Dallas police report number #8106y. So if you are thinking about using your credit card to purchase a Greyhound ticket, I would think twice.

Nancy Y. Torres



this is the same situation i am facing now. i bought the tickets using my credit card that *** grey hound keep charging my card every week.

it became a routine for me to go for bank and cancel the transactions. please guys don't use grey hound any more its a *** company who don't care about the client data any more.

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