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August 2007 I left Montreal to move to Vancouver city of Canada.

The purpose of this trip was establishing my Photography Exhibition and Gallery.

I took a plane and my goods went through Greyhound Courier express.

They gave me the above way bill no. and they said I will be able to pickup items next month(sep 2008). This customer care communications took long time until Nov 2008 they declared officially the goods are lost and I can write an official claim. At the moment I made a claim and asked them to help me to find my lost luggages.

They asked me to fax the claim files to Alberta, Customer care office of Greyhound in Canada then from there they will forward the request to HQ in USA.

That was odd, this big company has not separated responsible management in Canada.

It was a simple shipment from Montreal to Vancouver.(Ref. waybill no.)

No money can recover the damage I’ve seen by loosing the film negatives which I took during past 20 years and also my reputation in art community.

At the end of story in January 2008 , They offered me 100.00$ compensation which is not even the price of any case alone with out the inner items.

The shipment costs 170.00$.The weight was around 100 pounds.

They want embarrassing me , it is clear , but is this their policy , every body must buy the insurance for the items they want ship, if it is why they don’t declare it at the beginning.

Monetary Loss: $8000.

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