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We bought a ticket from mesa to kingman az for our 13 year old son to meet his grandma in kingman. We, along with other passengers sat in mesa waiting for the bus to phoenix that was due to arrive at 10:55am, at about 11:10am, i asked the *** lady who was working, when the bus would be here?, she said it was running late so a shuttle would be taking everyone to phoenix.

At 11:45am, i asked again, when would the bus or shuttle be here, she said soon. The shuttle arrived at 11:55am and i mentioned that the bus from phoenix was scheduled to leave at 12:01pm and she told me and everyone else that was expected to get on the 12:01pm bus that not to worry, the bus would be waiting for them. I sent my son on this shuttle, provided by greyhound and he was on his way. About 45 minutes later i get a call from my son, he said, there was no bus in phoenix waiting for them and they told him the next bus would be at 9pm and he would have to wait.

Thank god, i wasnt far and was able to go and get him.

Greyhound would not refund our money and we are out 75 dollars.

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Bus Service.

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we tried to get my neices dad here for her mothers funrel we did not see where u had to have a credit card if u bought ticket on line for someone else and it had to be in that persons name to pick it up we had to he didnt have any extra money so we tried to pay the fee on line they would not let us they would not refund our money we had to borrow an extra money to get him here with they said it was not refunable we wanted to exchange it to get him back home they refused what kinda people can be so cold especilly when some onen passes

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