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To whom it may concern;

My name is Shareef Aleem, and I am a community activist in the Denver Metropolitan area and host of a local radio talk show. Over the years I have helped many people that have had conflicts with corporations and the local, state and federal government.

Now, I find myself a victim of Greyhound Bus Lines. On April 1st, 2008, I was returning from Phoenix, AZ. I witnessed very rude behavior on the part of Greyhound employees.

First, while standing in line waiting to purchase my ticket, I noticed an African man, who had trouble speaking English being told by a rude ticket agent that he would have to go to the end of the line to ask another question even though he had just purchased a ticket from the same agent.

While, in Albuquerque, NM, I witness ed a security guard asking passengers to see their tickets. He approached one man and asked to see his ticket, the man produced the ticket without saying a word and the security guard accused him of having an attitude and made the man wait to catch a later bus. I witnessed all of this and the man never raised his voice to the security guard or gave him any problems. Rather than the passenger, it was the security guard who had the attitude problem.

When I arrived in Denver I was told that one of my pieces of luggage had been lost. I filled out all the necessary forms. I was told to wait until I receive a letter from Greyhound with a claim number (235781), which I received April 16th, 2008.

In the letter it states that Greyhound was unable to locate my property. And, that I needed an original bag claim check before my claim could be processed.

On June 28th, 2008, I complied to the request and sent in the original claim check and a copy stapled together. On July 1st, 2008, I received a letter stating that Greyhound never received my bag check claim information and that my claim was denied. I made several telephone calls to Greyhound and told them I had sent the claim check before the date of July 1st and I had proof of that with a delivery confirmation receipt that I purchased from the post office. The number is, 0306 0320 0003 2080 5400.

I spoke to a representative and I was told that my check was in the mail and that my claim was being processed. After waiting two weeks and receiving nothing I called again. This time I was told that my claim was denied. I told the representative that I had complied with their requests and sent the claim check in as I was requested before the July 1st date.

The representative told me that Greyhound didn’t receive the claim check until July 14th and that therefore my claim is being denied. I protested and the representative said the case would be reopened and that I would hear something within ten (10) business days. That time has since expired.

Now, my only recourse, being a community and political activist is to launch a picket campaign against Greyhound Bus Lines on behalf of myself and others who have been mistreated by Greyhound Bus Lines.

This picket campaign will start August 15th at 9am and continue until Greyhound responds to my complaint.

shareef aleem 720436-7606

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I would recommend legal action. There are laws they have broken, and as a political activist, I think it would be ideal for you to make them accountable.

That luggage claim was denied because they felt they could.

Someone needs to take them to court. In less than thirty minutes I've found over a dozen cases where they've broken a half dozen laws.


I was a Greyhound "supporter" of sorts until recently too. I wrote a comment on this site about the bus fire that consumed the bus I was riding along with 43 other passengers (8-23-2010).

Lives were literally ruined and Greyhound has done nothing except act dismissive, dishonest, and irresponsible. As an instructor for people with disabilities who often have no other option for interstate travel, I now consider it unethical to advise any person on using this service. I, too, would like to see some accountability on the part of Greyhound. It would almost be better if it didn't exist at all.

Something better can take its place. I have yet to receive my $250 for "lost" luggage, which Greyhound essentially stole from me and won't return what could be salvaged. Forget getting a ticket refund even.

Don't even bother with finding out what happened to the bus. Apparently, according to Greyhound,when your bus burns, you lose all rights to information and to your property.


I'm sad to say that after always to trying to incorporate Greyhound into my travel plans as a company I like to support, I have recently had an absolutely terrible, ongoing customer service issue with them.

As a result of the mediocre service (that is a generous statement) I shall never use Greyhound again and I have communicated that to everyone I know. It would have cost them $80 to do the right thing and return my money to me but alas they didn't and as a result this is one company that I would be satisfied to see in bankruptcy. The market does not need a transportation company that does not value it's clients needs and is under equipped to deal with issues as they arise.


I agree on the treatment and am stunned how many times i witnessed in one night the inhumane treatment of paying citizens.


I will continue to titter, post etc as long as I have energy after a night of no sleep I have very little here today. I never plan to take greyhound again after my experiences on trip referenced above. I will also make sure none of my family does either. The issues are too numerous for this box and a more formal letter will follow. Nearly every single staff I encountered was rude and unhelpful if not argumentative. The very best of my encounters was still delivered with an attitude. People smoked on the bus and nothing was done. The bus was FILTHY with broken lights and seats. The luggage racks were broken and squeaked so loud not even my ipod would drown it out. Connections were missed due to lateness with no attempt to help current ticket holders over those with a later ticket. In fact we had to fight to climb around under bus to find luggage. I paid 30$ to "ship" a third bad and there were no efforts by staff to retrieve the shipped items that i was told to not handle.

I recognize that as passengers in your large system we have very little power, but this was both more expensive and much less convenient or satisfying than flying.

Every passenger I encountered had a similar horror story, like the young navy men whose bus was 2 hours delayed and the terminal closed anyway leaving them out in the cold for two hours ( FREEZING temps) in fort Eustise/Newport News. Or the several passengers i saw being YELLED at by your staff.


My fourth cousin twice removed, Dale Doback, was getting married in Loves Park, Illinois. I used Greyhound service to travel from Alaska to the wedding.

In Alaska it is illegal to have purple pens or Penthouse letters in your suitcase when traveling by order of Governor Sarah Palin. She even banded Immodium AD from the state and let me tell you there has been a toilet paper shortage for some time now. Anywho, my Greyhound bus trip took me away from the evils of Alaska.

Thank you Greyhound. You have saved me.


It doesn't sound like he's trying to scam if you ask me. I'd be pissed if they lost my bag and denied my claim.

$100 for missing glasses and a refund isn't that ridiculous. I've traveled with Greyhound well over a dozen times and it has been an absolute nightmare every time.

They do have rude employees too. Can't wait to see Greyhound go out of business.


I ask you not to solicit a boycott of this bus company, as they are currently hiring people like me- people who want to make something of themselves, and serve the public equally and honorably, getting them to their destinations.

Bus travel has even more attitude around it then flying- which is bad enough at this time- because of the sort of conditions inherent to traveling long distances on the road, stuffed into a can for long periods of time.

I think most operators strive to remain dignified and professional despite the stresses of this industry- at least you didn't complain about any operators. The other people kind of suck because they deal with annoyance and yelling all day and people are all the time taking out their missed buses, etc... on them, as the face of the company. If they send a guy away they could be acting unjustly, but could also be trying to keep a line moving and insure as many people as possible will make a soon-leaving departure. Also, sometimes customer service inquiries go away on their own as by another person answering the question- or etc... so they are trying to see if this will happen before taking time away from those who have been waiting.

I'd also like to point out that security guards often work for private firms, and many of these people are grumpy old military retirees, and/or tend to have mental /emotional problems. But this absurd behavior is on this individual and the security company (which sounds like Securitas...) If this person were reported enough times to Greyhound, they'd probably insist he be taken off their contract.


Shareef Aleem pulls this stuff alot. He tries to get something for nothing.

What he didn't tell you is that he tried to claim that he lost his eye glasses due to the busline and that he wanted $100.00 to replace them.

He also wanted them to refund $80.00 for the price of his ticket. He ALWAYS tries to scam.

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