Twenty years ago, i enjoyed riding Greyhound. Bus drivers for the most part were pleasant and some even took a microphone while driving and entertained passengers with stories or gave a review of where we were headed and what we would see.

i recently took a trip across country via Greyhound after the new British Corp. took over the company last year. I could not believe how rude most of the drivers were. They threatened passengers regularly in their welcoming statements and promised to put the passengers off the bus or dial 911 if any customers used a cell phone, played music loudly, raised their voice or didn't dance to the music of whatever the bus driver required.

one of our drivers, a woman in her 60s, driving from northern Florida to Montgomery, ala. drove through two redlights and actually drove off the highway onto the warning track that makes loud noises on three occasions. she also braked prematurly at least three times and tossed the customers around. i know the airlines are trying to create a bill of rights for people who travel by air.

the FAA or whoever is responsible for controlling the bus lines should do the same for Greyhound and any other bus lines that enjoy a monopoly. greyhound needs to put ALL of their drivers through a sensitivity training course. they should do something immediately to improve sanitary conditions in their bathrooms and to help traveling mothers who have young children, including infants, with them instead of letting them exist like animals inside those horribly maintained terminals. right now, traveling greyhound can be compared to being incarcerated in a city jail and waiting for the judge to arrive and grant bail.

arizona rick, 'the celestial cowboy' writer, philosopher and poet.

Product or Service Mentioned: Greyhound Sanitary Conditions.

Location: Springfield, Missouri

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My husband and I purchased a ticket from Grayhound for our daughter. It was important to get her home from Wisconsin my husbands mother injured herself bad enough to be in a wheelchair and she was coming to take care of her.

After we purchased the ticket, we found out that Grayhound no longer has a terminal in Wisconsin and my daughter was going to have to ride a bus on a Jeffersonville Bus line. The first person we spoke to told us that she was going to have to copy her ticket off a web site. She did not have a computer or printer. My husband and I went to Shiloh Springs Road terminal to try to talk to them about the ticket.

My husband dropped me off in the front. This woman came out and started giving us a hard time because my husband had stopped close to where the buses come in Now my husband was not stopping, he just dropped me off. She ranted and raved. I told her there was no buses.

My husband had already left to park the car in the parking lot. I tried to talk to her about the ticket and she said she wasn't going to help me if I was going to use that tone. I had not even started to anything at this point, but she really started *** me off. I told her how I felt about her lack of help but knew I wasn't going to make any progress.

I went back to the car and told my husband he was going to have to take care of it. When my husband went in she told my husband she would not help me until I went in and apologized to her. My husband said lets get on with the important

issue. She insisted I was going to have to apologized to her.

Now my husband did not say anything to her. I personally do not believe she had the right to refuse to help my husband even if she had a issue with me. I was already back in the car. I will not apologized when we were treated so shabbily and we got no help from the manager or public relations.

I will never ride Grayhound again and ever buy a ticket for someone else. I hope they go out of business.


"1. Written by Reality Check, on 06-09-2009 08:02

also, make sure to have a video recorder to record your trip. evidence is always a bonus"

if the bus driver sees you recording you will be kicked off the bus.


also, make sure to have a video recorder to record your trip. evidence is always a bonus.


livitupp2p22live.com - you're an *** for believe first class should have more privilage than coach. people are people, and you my friend, are an ignorant a*hole that doesn't deserve to be heard.

Youarea *** - you're right you are. have you seen a picture of the guy? do you know who he is personally? you're prolly some fat *** sitting on the computer with thick rimmed glasses whose never been layed, and lives at home with his mom just bashing everything you "don't agree with". sorry, an opinion is not wrong. so just kill yourself.

Santiago - unfortionantly, if you don't have money, or anything nice to say, they'll ignore it, be smug, and treat you like a nobody. i'm sure if you had a couple cop friends standing there with you, or even a lawyer friend, things would get done. next time you should make sure to have a written statement on what your issue is, and make sure to send copies via mail to the main offices. file complaints. learn the laws. there's no law that says you have to do anything because of a threat. it's all hearsay, so threaten back. stand up for yourselves people. he's not a cop, he can't do that. he can only ask you not to do things. he can't make it happen. especially if you tell him "pick me up and throw me off then, i paid for my ride, and you're only paid to drive, i'll keep to myself, but you'll need to just shut the *** up and pay more attention to the road, than the people who AREN'T disrupting you".

Rick - use your phone, let them call the cops. you're not doing anything wrong. being loud and disruptive is one thing. being quiet and to yourself is another. only if it's really distracting to his driving does it really take effect. he can't do anything but talk, or stop the bus. and honestly, he'll *** off the other passengers before he can actually do anything about you're quietness. say things like "all you had to do was ask nice, it's not a big deal. get over it." there's no law that gives them the power to actually do things like that. worst comes to worse they tell you to leave. once they put their hands on you, that's automatic harrasment, and automatic assult.

I was on my phone once, quietly talking next to the window 2 seats opposite of the driver. minding my own business. the bus driver stopped the bus, stood up, and told me this bus won't move until i get off my phone. i stood up and told him "come over here, turn my phone off, because i'm not doing it. i'm being quiet, you lay a hand on me, i'll report you to the cops for assult." I make friends easily, and i made sure that i have witnesses. 3 others stood up and told him "move the *** bus, and leave the guy alone. he's not bothering you and if you get any closer we'll make sure you wish you never did that." he sat down and continued the ride. their bus drivers. not cops. *** them.


Rick, I surely feel your pain. I don't understand livitupp2p22live.com's comment.

The fact that you are not flying does not entitle any company to treat one like ***. I got the same treatment last week on a trip from Indy to Chicago. This was the worst traveling experience of my life. The bus driver threatened to leave me at the station for the sole reason of asking him why the bus hadn't departed after a 30 min.

delay. What's worse, 4 guys at customer service in Chicago yelled at me because I complained! Picture that!

I got kicked out of the customer service office for complaining! Man, we gotta do something, this is blatanlty wrong!


How do you know she braked prematurely? Your fat ash was sitting in a seat. Drivers are probably tired of foul smelling idiots like you who whine about every little *** thing.


Your riding on a bus, not on a first class airplane seat..

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