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Greyhound Bus Lines should be shBullshitut down and put out of business by the government for being a menace to society. All of the stations should be converted in Homeless Shelters and/or Transitional Housing for the Homeless.

Many stations are already located in the rough part of town where the homeless tend to congregate already. They also could be transformed into feeding places like soup kitchens and food pantries. For too long now, this disgusting company has been running the most shady, unethical and immoral company known in the history of this nation. They continuously rip off and take advantage of the most vulnerable amongst us like the poor, the low income and senior citizens.

That have continually shown an utter lack of disrespect to the highest degree to the citizens of our fine nation.

The United States Of America should be ashamed and outraged that a company of such ill repute has for decades now been a scourge on the decency of America itself. We should shut down Greyhound, and turn the stations into community centers for the low income and disadvantaged youth and we should never again let such a monstrosity of a company again take hold ever again.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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*** Greyhound and those worthless crackhead bums that they hire who get a job and suddenly think they the ***


Why are the Tickets so Doggone Expensive on the Greyhound Bus?


Why are the prices for food and drink and snacks in the Greyhound stations so Doggone expensive?




Johnl is so rude yall need to fire him and hire someone else to do his Job am I right about that if so let me know


The first one. The first


I am leaving to go to el paso Texas and what time do the greyhound bus leave


Riding The greyhound Bus is as Disgusting as having a Giant Greyhound Dog take a *** All Over You.


Whenever I ride The Greyhound Bus, I feel Absolutely Disgusted, like a Giant Greyhound Dog has just Taken a *** All Over Me. to start of my journey I enter the scary Greyhound Bus Depot to buy my ticket.

Everything is scary looking and dirty. Seedy and Sketchy looking characters abound the vicinity of the station. I buy my ticket and sit down to wait for the bus to arrive. When it arrives, dozens of passengers unload out and come into the station to stretch their legs or to go to the bathroom or to buy snacks.

When it is time to board the bus, I hand my ticket to the driver and climb up the stairs to see what appears to be the entire bus is fully packed with no-where to sit. I walk down the aisles and finally find an available seat next to a really scary looking unwashed, out-of shape and cuckoo looking passenger. There's so little to room to sit that I have to partially have my legs in the aisle and I feel very disgusted to have my body pressing up against this filthy passenger sitting next to me. I started out just hours ago freshly bathed and fresh clean clothes, and already I feel like I need to take a shower.

Finally, the bus roars to life and begins it's trek down the road. 'Oh, No! Not Again!" i think as the bus keeps stopping at one hick town after the other stopping at places I had never even heard of before in my life. After what seems like several hours of this nonsense the driver says that we are going to be having a 45 minutes meal stop at Mickey D's.

I get off the bus, barely able to walk from my legs being not able to move for so long. I take a pass on ordering any of the food from Mickey D's because I feel extremely sick to the stomach from the bumpy uncomfortable ride. Finally, after the meal stop is over, the driver yells out that everybody better hurry up and get back on the bus or he is leaving without them. We all get back on board the bus and it roars back to life and as it is pulling out of the parking lot, a man comes hurriedly running towards the bus with a brown takeout bag of Mickey D's in his hand.

He's waving his arms, running as fast as he can yelling "Stop! Stop! I'm on This Bus!" The driver looks at him and snickers and picks up speed. The man, exhausted from running as fast as he could, stops dejected.

I look around the bus, and see that the seat where the man left behind was sitting, and walk over and ask if It's allright for me to be sitting there. It's a man from Australia on vacation to the United States who replies "Well, Certainly!" I sit down, grateful that this gentleman doesn't stink or appear to be out of his mind like the previous man I was sitting next to. I cringe as a rude passenger behind me loudly eats his bag of potato chips, smacking very loudly making alot of noise. I say a prayer to God that the trips gets better and that nothing bad happens to me and I am kept safe.

I think to myself "Never Again Will I Ride This Disgusting Greyhound Again" and eventually, after several more stops and smoke breaks, we pull into the sinister looking Greyhound Station in Houston, Texas. What appears to be approximately a dozen or so very aggressive looking panhandlers are hounding passerby on the sidewalk in front of the station as the bus pulls into it's docking station. I get off the bus and walk into the station to see dozens of real scary looking characters just milling around the station, looking as if they are waiting for the chance to grab someone's unattended luggage or purse. Disgusted, I go to the ticket desk and tell the clerk that i want to get a refund for the remainder of my trip to Los Angeles, California.

i tell the clerk that I am in extreme pain from the uncomfortable bus ride and that I am going to get a cab to the airport and catch an airplane the rest of the way. The ticket clerk tells me that the ticket is non-refundable once I've used part of the ticket, so I step outside the station and hand the ticket to a very sad looking Homeless Man and tell him, here's a ticket to Los Angeles. If you don't want or need it, give it or sell it to someone who needs or wants to go. He tells me "God Bless You!

I've Going To Use This Ticket To Go to California Myself! Thank You Very Much!" I approach one of the taxis waiting outside the station and tell the driver to take me to the airport.


Couldn't have said it better myself,