Southgate, Michigan
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I purchased a ticket online for a friend in FL to return to MI in Sept of 2012. Before the ticket was even to be used, she changed her mind, and I called them for a refund.

WELL,, that was a big joke to them! HAHA! I wasn't laughing though! $185.10 was not laughable to me.

I was told that I could get a voucher instead, but I have no use for a voucher. I want my money back, thank you! So, I was told to send my information to their refund office, which I did but was told it could take 6-8 weeks for a refund, IF they decided to give me one!! In the meantime, I called my bank to dispute the transaction.

Greyhound got that settled within less than 10 days with a determination that they "had provided services and would not issue a refund!" WHAT services? I received NO services from them, other than being ROBBED!! I have filed a complaint with the BBB, now, so we will see what happens. MY advice to YOU?

DO NOT EVER DO BUSINESS WITH GREYHOUND!!! NEVER< NEVER> EVER!!!!! No wonder their lame company is still in business. They blatantly steal money from people while hiding behind their "policies." I hope they get shut down for good for what they do because I see MANY complaints similar to mine.

If enough people complain instead of just taking their word for it that they cannot issue refunds, then maybe we can get them put out of business!!!

COMPLAIN people!! Seriously!!

Monetary Loss: $185.

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My friend, you would be better off standing at the side of the road and hitch-hiking to your destination. With all of the money that you would save by not buying a Greyhound ticket, you would have money for cheap motels to stay at in case it took you a long time to get a ride. Put all your money in your shoe, so that someone mugs you, you'll still have money.


Let me guess, you were cheap and bought a non-refundable ticket. You agreed to the terms which says you don't get your money back and now you want to whine to the world about it.

let me tell you, you give yourself away when you refer to policies. Policies that YOU agreed to when you purchased the tickets. pro-Tip.... DO NOT AGREE TO THE TERMS IF YOU'RE NOT MAN/WOMAN ENOUGH TO HONOR THEM OR YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU'RE GETTING INTO.

This is all on you....Stop whining and learn from this child.. OK....

let's hear it.... "You must work for....."


Yeah, I hear you, I always wait to buy my ticket like an hour before it is time to leave. If I would buy it in advance, I would probably feel so sick and disgusted dreading the trip that I knew that I was going to have to take, that I would end up not going and then greyhound would keep my money.

If I wait until the last minute, I can change my mind and not take the trip and then not be out of the money. Greyhound is gross the whole way around and i encourage anyone to find any other way possible to get to where they are going, even if it means that they have to hitch-hike or pay an exorbitant amount of money for a taxi-cab.


They still keep stealing money from cards!! And moreover, they provide an awful service!


I filed a complaint with the BBB because Greyhound sweet talked my bank into thinking they had given services rendered, HA! Yea right!

The only services I have received from GREYHOUND has been blatant ROBBERY, thus far! Even the BBB out of Dallas has not done anything yet, but that is because that is where Greyhound is based out of as well, as far as I understand. I think it's complete *** that a company can charge for a ticket that was never used, asked to refund it before it's use date, and still not have to refund the money. To me, that is HIGHWAY ROBBERY to it's fullest extent!!

So, to answer the question from Pissed NO! I have not had any sort of resolution to this "problem" with Greyhound-the RIPOFF Company from ***!! OR, NO help from the BBB!!! Its ***.

I think they are in cahoots! I don't trust the BBB anymore than I trust Greyhound, at this point.