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I purchased tickets about 3 weeks my travel date was 12/20/14 which when i got to greyhound @235am i was asking Security where do i go to catch the Megabus she didn't no so when i aakes another customer they told me where to go so by the time i found it the bus was pulling off so i called Customer service @6 to see what i need to do they told to go back up there at @340 is when the next bus comes got up there at@230 so when the bus did arrive they had to turn people away cause they had no room to add luggage...I paid $299 for me and my kids to travel from Stl-Dgp then to Da-Hou..I need my money back ASAP.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I hope you paid for this on a credit card. If so, you have 60 days after the purchase date to dispute the charge.

The cc company will want to know that you made a good faith claim with Megabus to resolve the problem first. If you paid cash then you'll be in a world of hurt as you'll be relying on the kindness of Megabus (or did you buy the tix from Greyhound?) to give you a refund. Regardless of whom you have to deal with you'll need to provide them with a written account of what happened. This is where you run into problems.

Did you read your own posting?

The whole paragraph is one run-on sentence. You must use effective grammar if you expect to be taken seriously. The fact that you approached a security guard suggests that you went to a Greyhound bus terminal as opposed to a regular bus stop (Yes, Greyhound has of few of these left). These terminals usually have ticket counters that are open whenever buses are running because they want to be able to sell seats.

FYI, you went to all the wrong people for information initially. It's not the guard's job to know the bus schedules and fellow passengers are usually concerned about making their bus, not anyone else's. The correct answer would have been the ticket counter. I believe these bus stations also have boards with the departure/arrival times & gates.

Also, your times listed are all over the place: 2:35, 6, 3:40 and 2:30 in that order. How could you be turned away from a 2:30 bus if you arrived at the terminal at 2:35?

Lastly, did you get to your destination on a later bus? If you did then sorry for the inconvenience, but they've done their job despite overbooking; airlines do this all the time with impunity.

If you didn't travel with them then you are entitled to a refund of your purchase price. Usually transportation companies have a refund procedure. Follow that and if they still don't refund your money (assuming you didn't use their service) then sue them in small claims court. Did the tickets come with a no refund policy?

It will say so on the ticket. If it does then you should be issued a credit for future travel. Of course if you didn't want to do business with them again after this, that would be understandable and you might stand a chance on getting your money back with the aforementioned suggestions. When dealing with these people play nice to get the best results.

If you're irate you're more likely to turn off people and hit wall after wall. While it's no guarantee, if you treat them as someone who can help you rather than screwed you, you stand a better chance to get that refund.


Good job with your answer to that Megabus person but I doubt she'll ever read it....if she can read. God only knows she sure as *** can't spell.

Some people just don't have the good experiences in life and to make their money last they make unwise decisions. Consider yourself one of the lucky ones, you allowed yourself to be educated, it's obvious this poor soul had different priorities when she should have been in school preparing herself for what life would throw at her.